Thursday, July 5, 2012

Family Fourth and Fun

Had Mark and Hannah come with the babies on Tuesday night, they stayed for the fourth, we all went to Alicia and Bob's for a a family pool party, had all there but Sean and Cole and we missed them. We cooked out hamburgers and hot dogs, pot luck style dinner with home made ice cream:) That morning Anna and I went to see mother, she is doing ok, but tearful more then I am use too, she cried when we were going to leave, but quit and was ok, she tries so hard to be strong, it is just so hard, will be glad when she adjust.  I am not sure I can leave her there if she doesn't, once she is stronger I will bring her back home, I am giving it time ( which is so hard) to let her get her therapy, then if she does not fit in and feel more comfortable, she will come back here.  I will have to get new caregivers probably, Connie has not got a job yet, she has not felt well her self, so maybe she will still be around:) if mother comes back here to live.

Olivia stayed here with us, so she is working with me:) and is it ever so HOT, this heat is killing me when I have to be in it, I can not even breath sometimes it is so steamy hot.  Yesterday I think even in the water I got too hot, was so tired.  Last night Alicia and I and Heather went to see Media movie, it was funny and got my mind off mother:)

 April and Luke and Sydney
 Pool Day
Sydney's first swim

 Trying to get a cousins photo, missing Cole and Luke

My sweet Alicia

Not sure what the rest of the week holds for us, hope to sell some homes :)  I had a deal close and then fall out because the buyer's wife would not sign off on the loan, it is for sure a blow to the seller and a hit on my income:((( maybe it will all come about at a later date.
All in all things are going ok, had a wonderful family time, Mcgill's left today will be back Saturday for the night, by then they should know for sure if they are moving back to Conway:))  It looks real positive for that:) Sean is hanging in there, he is getting a divorce from Sarah, their marriage is not working out like he thought it would, but he is not as depressed as he was and doing good.  April is loving her job, working nights and getting rave reviews from patients and staff:)  So all is well in the Averitt neck of the woods:)  As for me I am not as down as I was when I left mother at the hospital but I am not settled in all of this either with leaving her at nursing home, I will be, if she is happy, then I can be happy so pray she likes it there and is happy:)


Cole was not there, and Luke was sleeping:))) Such Fun!!!Love all my babies!!!

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