Thursday, July 19, 2012

His mercies are new every morning

Thank the Lord for His mercy and grace, my tongue has be put on probation after Monday:) God gave me mercy with my sellers, and has totally had me jumping in this busy market, I have listed four homes since Tuesday, this is Wednesday at midnight:) Its been 14+ hour work days for me, I have hired three new agents, taught class, shown property, closed loans...etc....but today I got to spend some time with mother, she is doing well, still is not stable on her feet to walk alone anymore, I am beginning to realize she may not come home.  I am not ok with that yet, but am working though it. I propped her feet up and I laid in the bed:) we just talked and played with her baby:) she was happy:)

ok I do not know how to turn it right:(

 my sweet mother:)

night and hugs

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