Sunday, July 15, 2012

Had a great week

Birthday dinner, 59 and still spilt something on my shirt:) those who know me know this is normal:)

Well I am a year older, but hanging in there:) This week has been very busy with work,  my phone decided to quit working again so I had spent about a hour at Verizon, only to find it can not be fixed, this is my second new phone! UGH!  It came Saturday but need to get it programed, last time they lost everything:) Had a great Birthday week, Steve took me to dinner, had king crab legs:)  They made a special desert plate, I loved it.  Steve and I decided to nurture each other and totally focus on each other, so funny:) Made for a fun work week:) We spend so much time giving to others and putting our self's last, but not this week.  We work hard and played hard, I had not felt the best all week, took antibiotic, got better, then Friday night we stayed at Alicia's house with Sean and his babies.
Anna and Cole did night swim:)
had crawfish and shrimp scampi for dinner:)
Anytime Sean is around there is some good cooking, on Saturday he cooked this so good cabbage, ribs, chicken, and I made Lugi's tomatoes salad that you put over lettuce:)  Sean's friends Waylon and Carolyn came over, Waylon actually did the grilling:)    Had boudine too:)                                                        Wrote a offer Saturday, showed property, then was in bed by nine reading my new book, I am reading, While I still can, it is written by Rick Phelps he has Alzheimer's.  It such a good book, gives me so much insight into mother, I have read and studied so much on this disease.  Speaking of mother she has adjusted good, she is happier and settled, loves her room, I took her a new baby today, it is laughing/smiling real big, she loved you can see mother's feet are swollen:) we prop them daily, they go down at night, it is from being in a sitting position all day, but she cannot walk on her on at this time, she can a few steps but is real wobbly:(  Today I got to visit for a long time, I loved it, I made a video of her and her baby,she just loved its smile, it has teeth, real big smile, it really sweet to watch her talk to it, but so sad too, she is very child like now.  I try to live in the moment and be ever so thankful she laughs and is happy.  My friend heather made this door hanger for mother's room, sorry pics safe side ways:(
well got a real busy work week, so going to bed:) hugs and nite

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