Sunday, July 1, 2012

Garment of Prasie for the spirit of heaviness

As you all know this has been a hard time for me, have felt defeated, depressed, hopeless, at times, then would pull out of it and know I can trust the Lord, you have heard me feel sorry for my self, to being proud of what has come about, and try to figure out the next day. With that said today I was dreading going to the nursing home to fix Mother's room, I was meeting my sister there, last night while shopping for things needed, it was all I could not not to cry in Target, just knowing I am getting things for mother to be in a nursing home, not in my plans..............this morning, I made my self go to church, so thankful I did the worship just totally reminded me God has a Garment of Praise for the spirit of heaviness........, then the msg. spoke to me in several ways......when I left I had a Garment of Praise....and you know what???? The day went great, not to say it was not hard, it is a nursing home, a lady was in her bed, moaning loudly the whole time we were there, ladies were in wheel chairs all in the hall way, one had food on her shirt:( she was trying to clean her self. BUT I had total peace and confidence in the Lord. Kay and I made her room pretty, she will love it, I will take pics tomorrow:) I know I will still feel sorry for myself, have pity parties, cry and feel defeated, but I pray I can remember to trade it for a Garment of Praise! Will for sure keep praise music on all the time, had forgot that:(

On Friday Steve and I had the honor to keep Alex and Jill's girls, Sydney is such a good baby, never cries and sleeps so good, she is a happy baby, Amelia just entertains her self with all her babies, bears and animals, she is just too funny, we played so much, Steve and I both could hardly move this am, my legs were so sore from getting up and down off the floor, I have to get in better shape:)

I had a great open house today, I had a feature ad and had 50-60 people there, Steve and I never had a minute without someone there, hope some of the interested people will make a offer. I have a deal that needs prayers, it closed Thursday, the buyer's going be ex wife was to sign a quit claim deed, if she does not sign by am, the loan will be denied and unclose...this has never happed before in my career, so pray, pray,pray, she had said she would sign so her husband, going to be ex closed. They are both attorneys. My seller is so upset and I am too, so pray it all works out. This part about my job is not fun:( plus my seller is out of the country for a I got to get this all figured out.

After decorating mother's room came home to find my Averitt Girls all home, they have been gone two weeks! Jenn went to her family and has had a great time with them all, I am glad they are home, when I drove in I went straight to their house ( next door) to love on them, they came home with me till Jenn got dinner ready:) Sean had cooked a feast today and sent us fried chicken, black eyed peas, taters, squash, corn bread, turnip greens...whhhooooo whheeeeee! He is a good cook! Actually better then me, and I love to cook!
So ready to get mother out of hospital tomorrow, cannot wait for her to see her room, only thing better would be bringing her home, but I know she has to be there for now, I could not care for her how she is right now. So pray she adjust there and loves it:) It is the same place Steve's sister Susie was at, its a nice place, but a nursing home. Mother's brother John Elmer Simons past away this week, made me so sad but so grateful we went down there last summer, have some good memories. His Memorial service is July 8th, I have thought about going but just not sure, it in Signal Mtn. Tn.

Hannah and Mark are coming Tuesday night till Thursday, so excited for them to come, they will stay with me this time instead of Sean, so I will get to see my Mcgill babies:) looking forward to that, we are going to Alicia's for a pool party on the 4th, cooking out and having home made ice cream:) yum yum!

Keep Steve in your prayers, his lower back is not right, he moved some chairs at church, then just having a different chair at Jill and Alex's and probably playing with Amelia on the floor was not the best thing he could of done, at the time you do not know, but he knew today, he actually had to get his cane out to walk this am:( which means I had to put out all my own open house signs and carry all mother's things for her room:) I told him he needed to get better quick, on a serious note remember to pray for him:) We said we are just getting old.....and we are, but we need in better shape, working on that. Thought of doing boot camp again but I am not sure I would survive in this heat, its all I can do to show property in it. I bout died today putting out signs, by the time I got to open house I was sweaty:((( and I do not like to sweat:) Well best go get in bed, Steve had already gone to bed early, nite and hugs...looking forward to tomorrow!

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