Sunday, April 8, 2012


 Daddy grand and Sydney
Wow, Alex's message today was so anointed, it was so good! Just one of those sermons that you take home with you:) I hope I can get it on line and post it on my blog for you to hear, it will be a blessing for you!  Got to bed fairly early last night, we were all tired from the drive, mother was up and down but April was there so I slept good.  Woke with a headache:((( but so thankful I went to church, after church Sandi did a Easter Egg hunt with the children, it was so fun to watch, normally on Easter for years we do a family egg hunt and we fill eggs with money that we save from our change all year, my brother started it years ago when our children were small and I continued it, so this year our family was in all different places, so we did our Easter with Journey Church which was fun, some of my children go there so some of my Grand babies were there:)  Missed all who were not there this year, but really enjoyed our day, we went to US Pizza for lunch then home and took a nap!  Mother stayed in this morning, slept in, I bought a small ham and cooked it for her, she loved the Easter decor we put out for Easter, she likes to look at the rabbits chickens, and ducks, I have little glass ones:) I will take it up and do the next Holiday, she enjoys it so much, I got a chicken from Halmark that lays eggs:) she loved that, today she had last years chicken that sings and turned it on, she was holding it and when it started singing, it scared her, then she died laughing!!  I had a caregiver there so Steve and I took a  much needed nap. So a quiet Easter afternoon for us.  Tomorrow will start a real busy week for us, we have a class to teach  agents all week, board meeting Monday, taking mother to Dr. Monday for check up, making sure UTI is gone, then Sales meeting Tuesday, lunch meeting on Friday, I sure hope to get some listings this week, most of mine have sold, which is good but I need more, so if you know of anyone listing their home, have them call me:) Have some fun plans for the weekend:) looking so forward to having my forty year anniversary with Steve in Florida, have a agent taking my calls, looking forward to a week off from all the things I do:)  My Aunt Connie is coming to visit us, my dear friends Derol and Ann will be in Destin some of the time, so we will meet with them for dinner, first time Steve and I have gone by our selves, will be fun! I have mother covered with her favorite caregivers, plus have my family here if needed, so pray it is a smooth week for her too, its hard to leave for that long, Jared and Jenn are next door too:)  Keep Gavin in your prayers Monday, he needs a miracle surgery on his eye:) well its bed time, love to all and to all a good night, I pray you had a wonderful Easter with Jesus being alive in your heart!

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