Monday, April 2, 2012

Pop A Lock Plan

Blogging is on my mind this morning, I am sitting quietly here just thinking over the past week.  I have thought of when I took Anna shopping, she was so excited, she pranced, danced twirled, laughed, shared her dreams,  we just had such a fun time, she is so grateful for anything.  I do not get as much alone time with her as I would like, so it was a real blessing for me!  When you have so many Grand Babies it is hard to spend alone time with them all, I try and feel we do a good job at being with them, but it was just special with Anna:)  Then I went to a church service last night that really gave me some golden nuggets to put in place in my life, the Pastor said, how many of you have locked your keys in your car?  of course most raised their hands, then he said what did you think of next, a coat hanger?  He said you know you have some where to be, you have the vehicle to get you there, it is yours, all shiny and clean just waiting on you, BUT you can not access it because it is locked up, you can probably see where this is going:)  His title to this msg. is Pop a Lock Plan.  In our life we have all we need, so many times do not access it because it is locked up inside us, through pains, emotions, fear, etc. You know we lock our self out of God's blessing so many times, its right there for us but we cannot access it. Then he shared different prayers in the bible, most all prayers had the prayer making vows to God, that God answered, we pray when we are desperate for help or have a situation we can not control, but how much better is it to have a life of prayer:)   When we pray we say, God if you will do this, I will do this, I mean it God I am not lying this time, I will change, the truth is God knows you inside and out and desires for you to walk in freedom and blessings:)  Then Alex at church yesterday morning preached on the Holiness of God, Holy means set apart, he shared when God told Moses to take his shoes off for the ground was Holy, now was that ground any different looking then the other ground near it? no, BUT GOD said it was HOLY, because God set it apart.  I thought this is why we can say we are a Holy people, because God set us apart, we may not look different then others, but when someone comes to know you they will know you are different, you are set a part, just as Moses stood on the piece of ground, HE knew the presence of God was was different then the other ground.  Why is it Holy? because God declared it, He said we are a Holy people, called by HIS NAME, which is what sets us a part........NOW with that said I never feel Holy, usually I am so hard on my self, I screw up, I cuss still, said the F word the other day, BUT I do know I am set a part by God, Called by HIS name and He says I am Holy........this is because He does not look at me as I look at me, He looks at me through the blood of His Son, Jesus, which I depend on for my Holiness, I am still me inside, look just like you, I laugh, hurt, cry, throw fits, manipulate, feel joy, feel pain.....just the physical life of me...BUT God says I am set a part:) Now with the msg. yesterday am and last night, what role do I have in this?  I have the role of Obedience to the Lord, He is the one we have to answer too with our life, so when your thinking  are you Holy?  Then think on being set apart by God, it is God who gives us our next breath, it is God who forgives us and remembers our sin no more, it is God who gives us Grace to carry on in our daily that I am so thankful for Jesus my Risen Savior!  Hope this is food for thought and I am working on my Pop A Lock plan for I desire not to lock my self out of God's blessings and control of my life, I remind my self when I want to pitch a fit, tell someone off, cuss.....whoa! I am Holy, set a part by God Himself, so draw on His strength and live like it! Love it when God speaks to my heart through a fresh word on Sunday, some say you do not need to go to church, I say....I need the discipline, the love the teaching that my church plays in my life.....been there with out one, did my own thing, but there is nothing sweeter then a corporate anointing of the Lord in Worship and the love of the body of Christ!  Hope you have a church if not come and go with me!

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