Friday, April 6, 2012

Baton Rouge Road Trip

Sitting here with mother, Steve and Connie watching gun smoke and blogging:) Our trip has been fun, mother has enjoyed seeing her mother and sister, yesterday Mother stayed with mama and Larry took us to Ruth Chris's steak house, it was some kind of good, I had the sea bass and it was perfect, better then lobster which means alot for me to say:) It was their special that night so I decided on it, of course had french onion soup, sorry I did not take pics, should have!  Mother was so excited to see mama, she just smiled and hugged her, then told her its her turn to come see her:)   When we got here we set outside for a while, Connie has lakefront property, with geese and ducks, they started honking, so funny! Then she had cooked gumbo and potato salad and fresh coconut cake, and yes we ate and ate and ate!  It was all so good, matter of fact I had gumbo for breakfast today:)  yum yum.  We will go to this place for a  boudin burger....hum...not sure on that but last night I had escargot, it was good! Last time here, I had turtle soup:) so many new taste and so far I like them all. 

There is a bird's nest in Connie's inside pool area, they babies are a day old:) Hope you can see them in the nest, the humming birds were all around on the nectar hanging deal:) I love nature things!

Our sweet Gavin came over and we prayed and anointed him, praying for a complete restoration of his eye, he has surgery this Monday, the Drs. had said there was no hope, then called and said they had another ideal for his eye, I have no doubt that it is the power of prayer!! SOOOOOO KEEP PRAYING!  Menizie his little sister is just a little doll, both are so polite and respectful, they are just good children, Tiffany has a lot to be proud of!  I forgot to take pics:(((

 mother seeing Connie, she knew her:)

little mouths open
 baby birds

The W road, going up signal MT.
 Mother seeing Mama, she was so happy to see her
 Larry, mother, Connie and Steve, we had just got there, had mother dressed warm for the trip:)
Well in am we will head back to the rock, so thankful we took the time to come and bring mother, I always think this could be the last time she can physically go, but I pray there are more times, she enjoys her family, it is important to her since that is where she remembers right now.  She did call me her daughter, has not known that in forever and maybe only knew it for a minute,  Connie has a pic of the W road in Signal MT., mother saw it and said that is where my mother and daddy live, so she recognized the pic, I was glad for that, every memory she has excites me to know she has a special momet of joy! 
I have  full work week next week, church on Sunday, we will have a Easter Egg hunt with our church and then go eat pizza, Hannah and Mark will be in Van Buren, Sean and Sarah will be at her family's , Alex and Jill will be with her family after church, so a quiet day for the Averitt's, planing on laying by Alicia's pool:)  My house should be spotless when I get home, have a lady cleaning it for me while we are gone, will feel so good not to break my back cleaning it, she is doing spring cleaning!  Hope all enjoys your Easter day with the focus on what Jesus did just for you!  Hugs!

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