Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Almost 40 years

Well we will be married forty years April 27th.,  we have plans to celebrate but Steve thinks I talk to much on what I do, I am a open book but sometimes I am very misunderstood, so I guess my life will be private, so hard for me:) 

Mother is doing good, we saw her Dr. a week and half ago and he suggest a Longiventy ctr. for her care, so we have appointment with UAMS tomorrow at 1pm., when I got home today it was obivous mother did not know me, April was here with her today and she had her hair done today, but she was unsure of things, she did not know me at all, but she always finds security with Steve, today she thought he was her daddy, so I can understand why she did not know me, I did not exist yet....days like this make me sad.  Mother did not want April or I hugging Steve, only her, it was her daddy...I guess its good she finds confort and security.  Mother settled down and was more her self, laughing and trying to tease Steve....I could not do it without him, so thankful he loves her so much!

Some high points to my day! So Blessed!
 Learning to peddle:)
 Alex came to get Amelia, so he played some ball with her, she will say NANA in her so sweet voice
Today Amelia was over at Jenn's playing with the girls, I had some time to be able to be with them and I loved it!  This made my day all better:) Jenn had made a delisous potato soup in her crock pot, they invited us to eat, it was so good, I will have to make it too:) I love having them next door:) Just a beautiful day outside today, Steve was able to have time to mow the front yard:) My flowers I planted with the girls are starting to grow and look good:) I need to take some pics!

It has been a full week of work, trying to get loans closed and list some houses, I need listings now so if you know anyone selling tell them to call me:)  The market is busy which is wonderful! Well best go and get to bed.......hugs and nite

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