Saturday, March 31, 2012

Time is flying by, it is hard to believe it is April!  April first is when baby William Wyatt came, only to go to be with Jesus, he was my first grand son:) He would of been ten.  Not sad this year because I know I will meet hin in Heaven and know he is running the streets of Heaven:) but do remember that dreadful night and morning and week.

This week has been busy and totally 12-14 hour days!  When Friday night got here I was so tired, we were in Conway and I said lets go to condo so I can sleep and rest, so off we went, ate crab legs at Janzzen's and then went to bed, woke up at 8:45, which is late for me:) enjoyed the quietness.  On our way back to the rock, have work and then going to get some plants for my flower gardens, tonight we keep Jared and Jenn's girls while they go out for her birthday so I will have help in planting them, mother will enjoy watching from her rocker on the front porch:) 
Have a busy work week Monday and Tuesday then go to Baton Rouge on Wed., can not wait, taking mother to see Connie and Mama:) she will love that, she talks about them all the time.  Guess that is the age she is living in.  This week had a headache for three days:( got a massage, which helped but did not get rid of it, it is gone now and I am so glad, think it is from pollen. Hope it does not come back! 
Easter is almost here and I do not even have my Easter decor out:((( I always decorate for every Holiday, but been so busy I have not done it, may skip it this year.  But for sure not skip what it means! I am so thankful for the death and resurrection of Jesus, He has changed my life and gives me the strength to carry on:)  This week I battled with title companies all week, I will never understand why people cannot do their job and what they say they will do, its not the normal title companies I use so I had no pull and they did it their way, one closed on time the other would not even work it till this next week, suppose to close on the 29th.:( GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  I did have to watch my mouth and I did fail at not cussing, so still working on that.  You know I am always working on something with the Lord:) Glad He loves me like I am!
Hannah and Mark and children are back home and doing well, I miss them all, Jill and Sydney and Amelia are good, Sydney is the best baby, Amelia totally loves her and so do we:)
Mother has had a good week, I can tell she is regressing, but still a real part in converstations, even if what she says does not make sense, she loves interacting with us still:) she walks real slow, shuffling, but can get where ever she wants to go:) so I am thankful! Looking forward to our mini trip to LA.
well best go and get busy got a lot to finish up with today...hugs

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