Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun Friday

Gosh wish I had taken pics of this day:) It started early, I had appointments most of the day, first was showing my Beck Road property, which is in WLR, then went to LR office to work a offer on my Benton property. Then went to a new listing on Lee in LR and listed a cute two bedroom home. Best part of my day was having lunch with my high school/college best friend Beverly Jane Martin, that is her in pic, she is so sweet and beautiful. A few weeks back I was at open house int he heights and she walked in! I have not seen her in 40 years, we could of talked forever. We may have to do a bunking party:)) So much fun to reconnect, I found her on Facebook:) Then went to office and finished up some work then home. Steve and I went to Pig and Chick and he had ribs, I had fish, it was so good. Steve had worked most the morning on mother's yard, making sure he can get water to the areas that need it, boy with that said we need rain, next week will be 100 degree's and sunny all week, no rain in sight. Mother is having a good week, that makes me happy! I am taking her Sunday to Alexandria's dance recital then we will do dinner and I go home with her, April will come after her Haiti meeting to spend the night, I am looking forward to my time with mother:) I will take some pics for you. I am hoping that I wake up tomorrow feeling like I want to clean house:) and get in the mood and get this house back real clean, I am a clean freak:( but this week just have not worried about it, and guess what no one has said anything about it:) Well going to bed...hugs and nite!

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