Monday, June 27, 2011

Sat. till Monday:)

I love me some Farmers Market, went on Saturday morning and got fresh squash, tomatoes, sweet purple onions, purple peas, black berry's! Came home and made the wonderful tomato salad, squash, peas, corn bread, it was so good, could eat it every day:) Took some to mother's and she and Kay ate it too:) I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned Saturday, was wore out by the end of the day but all was clean, house, car, yard:) Then Sunday went to church, Alex started a msg. on Grace it was real good:) came home ate a salad the picked mother up and went to Alexandria's dance recital, mother loved it, she loves watching small children:) Alexandris will be Sweet 16 tomorrow:) Then we went to see Aunt Marie, totally surprised her, was a great visit, upon leaving, mother and Aunt Marie got all teary eyed, I know it is hard for Aunt Marie to see how far mother has progressed in her Alzheimer's, she is one who said mother did not have it in the beginning, that it was just her age. We ate at Olive Garden then went back to mother's, really enjoyed my time with her. I can not wait to go to Tenn., mother will so love that:) I made her a photo album, she just looks and reads it all the time, she loves looking at the pics and telling me who they are. Today I had work to do, still so put out with Chase mtg. and Citi mtg., someone, some where needs to reprimand them! I got really too hot today , felt sick, finally finished work and been in since about 4ish, my throat was hurting real bad and just do not feel real good, so I am hoping tomorrow I will feel better. It was 100 her today and heat index was 105! I did list a home today:)) Tomorrow is sales meeting but should not be too hard of a day then we have a Potluck at the ladies group I do for completing our first book!! I just love those ladies, God is doing more in me in this study then the last:) always needing Him to show me and bring me close to Him:) Hannah and family will be here Saturday, I am spending the night with my BFF Sherry Thursday, that will be fun, we are having some creative ideals, will share more on that later, but I am excited about it:) Hugs and nite

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