Friday, June 24, 2011

Far and Few Between


I have realized I am not blogging as I use to and not sure why, guess I got out of the habitSad smile I will update you on my life, since my last blog, we had a wonderful Father’s day, Steve preached at Journey Church and it was a touching message, we ate at Red Lobster with Jared and Alex and their families, long waitSmile but worth it, worked most of week, got some loans closed, which was nice!  On Wed. went with Pam and Ray Richey to dinner, Steve and Ray  had played golf, Steve is doing well form his surgery on his arms, but he was really sore in a good way.  I enjoyed having dinner with them and just talking.  Then back to work, listed a wonderful home on one of Lakewood’s lakes  here in NLR. is about the same, we are going to Chattanooga on July 12th, all of us rented a big five bedroom home to stay in, Connie and Mawma and Roy will meet us there, then her brother’s and sister will come thereSmile I am super excited, Kay and Steve are going, its for a few days, I will take plenty of pictures for mother to remember it!  Mother wants to go and see her family, in which I have not seen some of them in yearsSad smile  Kay has two kidney stones and will have to do something about them when we get back, she is not in pain with them and I pray will not be:0  All my babies are doing well, and grandbabies are good, Laila got glasses, she is too cute laila glasses Luke is growing so fast, I miss not seeing him daily, Hannah and Mark will be here July 1st or 2nd for a few days, looking forward to it!  I have a big deal going on a home, it is a short sell and I am praying it closes, would you pray for it to close too, not only will it help the 86 year old owner but will be a major commission for meSmile  This is still a hard market,one of the worst I have seen and I have been doing this since 1986!  Something has to give, hope it gets better soon! Keeping my chin up and plugin along in it, it helps being in the business so long, also that I learned how to work the business in a hard market when I first got into real estate!  The agents who got in when the market was just order takers do not have the tools to survive in this market, so there is a lot said of for experienced agents. You noticed I did not say older:0

Ok, last night I was at church and this lady said do you know the Averitt that is in Real Estate?  Some that were around said that is her!  She did not recognize me since I had lost weight!!!  I loved it! I found a pair of size 26 pants at the condo when was there, I can put two legs in one leg of themSmile I have five more pounds to go for my goal weight, then need to firm up and workout with weights to build strength……will make it!   Hugs, make this a fun day for youSmile

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