Saturday, June 18, 2011

A walk for a cure to Alzheimer’s

Came home from the condo with Alicia, it was such a wonderful time for usSmile Thought I would see my Averiit girls next door but they were out of town, so its been real quiet here, Steve was in Van Buren till evening, I had dinner with Sherry Maxwell, then Steve got in and went to eat with Jared, since Jenn and the girls were at her mother’s for her birthday.  This morning got up early and went to the river market for the Alzheimer’s Walk, alz 009alz 014we had a good group walking and all got shirts, raised $1050.00 dollars so far. They gave us flower wind mills, to write the name of whom we were walking foralz 017This was Alicia’s, they made a flower garden, then after the walk you got yoursSmilealz 016A neat thing to do, my niece Susan Averitt Bobbitt walked with us, loved having her there!alz 005

Then went and did my Pedi and manicure, the guy I like so much ( Frank ) has his own new place, right near my house,  then came home and cooked fresh squash and purple hull peas from the Farmer’s market, corn bread and fried potatoes, have fresh garden tomatoes….yum yum…this was Steve’s father’s day meal.  Tomorrow Steve will preach at churchSmile then just a day with him in mind, one thing he sure ate good tonightSmile I have just stayed in where it is cool, after the morning, going to bed early, it is 100 degrees hot  here!  House is quiet and cool:0  I have a busy work week, hope to sell another home this week, praying for listings and sells!

Mother is doing good, Kay is not feeling as well as she would like, she see’s Dr. Monday am, she has kidney stones and is hypercalicum, so they are running test, pray for herSmile we have a trip to Tenn planned in middle of July for mother to see her family, need all wellSmile hugs and nite


one more pic before I changedmefat1me before I ever lost weightmefat2mefat4 to a Healthy life stylealz motherme in shorts talking to the group leader I go to for Alzheimer's,me and mamame and motherSmile got a few more pounds to go to get to my goal weight, but will get there, it has taken me three yearsSmile

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