Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bringing you up to date!

We went to Van Buren on Wed. took Laila and Peyton with us to see their cousins, had a great time, I got up with baby Luke, he is so good, he sleeps real good, had a little helper come downstairs to help me early Thursday amlaila helpingshe is such a sweet little girl, so tender! She loves her Luke! Then later the girls all wanted to feed him, Olivia wanted to, since she has wanted nothing to do with him, she got to do itSmilecousins van buren oliviashe wanted Hannah to put him back in her tummySmile but has decided she loves him too.  Such a fun day for me as a Nana, feed the cousins lunch, Laila wanted a ketchup sandwich and she got one, she ate it allSmilecousins van burenthey had such fun, then Hannah took them out to play in the sprinkler, hannah swimhannah swimming parThey had fun but I could not stand it, went to Wal-Mart and got a pool and slip and slidehannahs 004they loved it, her children loved being outside, they stay out and play all the time. Then Steve helped Mark fix the transfer case on the sub., and we came home, bought  Blake back with usSmile went to Jared and Jenn’s Friday and played in their back yard, and Jared did a cook out, Jenn’s mother and Nanny had come down to go to the Farmer’s market. Amelia was spending the night while Alex and Jill went to Bentonville to a wedding shower, jared house 004my Amelia, jared house 009cousins, Mika and Amelia and Peyton, Jared in back ground grillingSmilejared house 003millswimAmelia loved it all, she is so good! Came home and called it a day, all slept well!  Today Jill called and Alex was real sick with a high fever, she was taking him to after hours clinic, another problem was his truck in which they drove there had a funny sound when they got there and he thought it broke, in which it had, Biff, Steve’s brother picked them up from the hospital and took Jill to the wedding shower and Alex to pharmacy and back to the hotel, he had a serious sinus infection and broncuttis, but I have learned the best place to get well is in a hotel, when I had the crud, Sherry Maxwell did too, we went to hotel for three days and laid in bed and rested and had room service, slept watched moviesSmile Steve and Jared left tonight to go get them car hauler in tow car haulerKevin is preaching for Alex, I told them I would just stay in, with three little one’s and Steve not here, I have open house tomorrow and will work till later Sunday night, have a inspection on a closing for Monday. Monday is a real full day, massage on neck at 8am then closing in Bryant, then listing houses in Benton then another closing, mother has Dr. appointment in-between all that at 1pm… its going to be a juggling kind of a day!  Steve will have Max and Blake with himSmile When April came home tonight she brought Max to us, this will help Hannah finish things she needs to get done with just Olivia and Luke…..I feel terrible leaving Olivia, but we can not do them all unless I am home too, and this will be a busy week for me…..hannahs 012 this was Luke when we left, he was fast asleep, he looks like a angel! luke smilingmy morning smileSmile how can you not like to get up to a early morning feeding with this smile!! So the weekend has been busy with babies, but I have loved it!  Ended this day with rocking Amelia to sleep on my front porch as the storm blew in,  nothing sweeter in life then rocking your babies! amelia rockingnite

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