Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blogging Blahs…………….


I guess I have the blogging blahs, just have not even thought of it or wanted to blog, have had a lot of things going on but failed to share them:( Hannah and her family came down the 4th weekend, she had Dr. appointments, Luke is way to cute,4th of July 2011 006 he has sandy red hair and blue eyes:) only red hair I know in our family was on my dad's side. He is such a good baby! We went to Alicia's Sunday after church for Alexandria's 16th Birthday alexandrias 16th 041and Monday had a great fun family time,  Alex and Amelia,4th of July 2011 025

Jill and Amelia

alexandrias 16th 045

Anna, Victoria, Alexandria

4th of July 2011 018it was too hot to bring mother:((( I will go over tomorrow and visit, she is doing well. We go to Tenn. this next Tuesday:) So excited about taking her. Kay and Steve and I are driving, meeting Mama, Roy, Connie and her daughter Tiffany, then all her family will come and visit, we have a five bedroom home rented. Hope it works out good for mother, guess if it is too confusing we can always come home. We were suppose to go to Mtn. Home to the lake with Jared and Jenn but I was so tired and did not feel too good, fighting a sore throat:( plus we listed two homes:) but I really miss them, they have been gone for almost two weeks on vacation, I know her daddy will miss them when they all leave.
I am going through some personal struggles as I lead this ladies 12 step group, I have some areas in my life the Lord is showing me that He wants to heal, which is wonderful but painful at the same time. Pastor Marvin my friend reminded me of the 10 Lepers, nine went away and were healed, in which he thinks still had the deformity of Leprosy but the one came back and Jesus said I will make you whole, he left with no deformity, I think I have walked in a lot of healing but now Jesus will make me whole:))) so its exciting too. This 12 step bible study is really a work out on you mentally and physically, the group is going good, it is so neat to see ladies share and see them grow and become healthy in their soul:)
All is well with my family, keep Sean and Sarah in your prayers, its so hot here and he works long hours in the heat, Alex and Jill always need prayers as they lead Journey Church, God is so using them both. Hannah and Mark are thinking and going to move back closer, it is too hard on them both being away with no family or friends, he is trying to come to the Conway Post Office, so pray for them:) I need to feel better, this heat totally knocks me on my butt for some reason, I just can not do it, makes me weak and faint:((( I am almost at my goal weight, in a size 12 from a 26-28:) I am going to get a physical when I get back from Tenn. to make sure all is good:)  April and her BFF Molly.
April alexandrias 16th 033leaves for Haiti this Friday at 4:30 am and returns the following Sunday, so keep her in your prayers, she has raised almost all her money to go:) She will pay out the rest. Well going to bed...hugs

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