Saturday, June 16, 2012

A week later:(

Where has this week even gone????? I can not even remember all the week, I do remember Hannah and her family came down Wed., we all went swimming at Alicia and Bob's,( have pics in my phone but my phone will not send them to me;(( got to go to Verizon:(( grrrrrr! ) I cooked and cooked, we ate and ate, I love all the Grand babies getting to play with each other and love on their cousin's, it means a lot to me:)  then all went to Sean's and spent the night, slept with Olivia and Anna:) Then Thursday just visited, they left at noon, Hannah had a ball game that night in Van Buren. Then Friday night Steve and I went to see men in black, we enjoyed that movie, ate popcorn and drank coke:) Today we had made plans to clean and do repairs on a Girls' home who is in our church, so a group of us meet there and worked till about 1:30, we got it all done, boy was I tired, came back to Alicia's where we are spending the night and cleaned up and went to bridal shower fro a friend of mine grand daughter. I am just chillin in my PJ'S for the rest of the afternoon, unless I get a Real Estate call of course:) I want to get int he pool but actually to tired to clean up again:(( I went and got Mr. Steve his Father's day gift, some new golf shorts and shirt:) He loved them. He is the best daddy I know, he loves his children, and has been a great example for them in leading them in Godly ways, but being real with his failures and success......he is close to all his babies:)

I have pics but dropped my camera today and the Lin's will not open and close right:)) ugh!

Mother has had a ok week, she is having some paranoia and a little hard to please in the afternoons, we see the Dr. on Monday so we will talk about this.  I have a new care giver starting, I really like her and think she will be great with mother.  Mother is sleeping better, and I am doing better to, I have come to realize I can not watch her all the time, nor be all she needs, I have even turned off my baby monitor at night so I can sleep, I can hear her if she gets up but not every time she moves in  her bed. So I am getting better rest at night:)

This week I have several new listings to get, a loan closing, and I closed on last Friday that was a blessing, the couple was losing their home and we did a deal with the mortgage company and the seller actually got a $1000 dollars at closing, most short sells the seller can not have any money at closing, but it is better then a foreclosure:)  I got a offer today on my listing in Pleasant Valley, trying to work it out:) The market is busy, and interest rates are so so so low, in 2's and 3's%! UNREAL! When I first got in Real Estate it was 15-20%!  Looking forward to a good week, going have some out of town plans for the end of the week with Steve's sister Pat and Donald. I love having some play time to look forward too!! Makes me work harder to get it all done! Hugs and love!

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