Friday, June 8, 2012


Well God was faithful to get me through this week, with some listings, sales and closing. I had no ideal how I was going to even be able to work,  for sure no ideal how I would handle taking care of mother with out help this week, but when I had calls to go to show property, the Lord gave me help, Kay came over twice this week and cared for mother, then Connie was able to work yesterday and today and tonight, so I am so excited to go to sleep tonight with out a baby monitor or hearing Steve snore, I am sleeping by my self in bed alone, with all lights out, hope I sleep all night long till late morning!! when I have interrupted sleep I have headaches ,my neck is in spasms, so this week I had a massage yesterday and feel asleep in it, totally relaxed, it helped, I have Fybro which has been in remission for almost three years, but with the stress of  interrupted sleep and not as much rest it is acting up, nothing like is was, but today was one of those days, I got up early, got the house in order to leave for the weekend, went to store to get what I forgot yesterday:)  then went to work, wrote a offer and presented it, then met up with Steve, we left to go to condo, before we left we ate at Olive Garden, the potato soup got rid of my headache and neck ache, not sure how or why but it works every time:) It may be all in my head, mother always made potato soup when we were sick, what ever it is it worked! I am so excited to have a couple days to rest, went to pool for hour and half.  Then went to my favorite place to eat, Jessen's, I had crab legs and they were gulf fresh! 

Last week on undercover boss on TV, I saw a health care agency Brightstar, I was very impressed with them, they came out this week and I interviewed them, depending on Connie's health, I will start using them, I also interviewed a lady named Rhonda, she is a wonderful, sweet, CNA, in her early 50's, she will work tomorrow night with mother, she can come to work in July, so I am trying to make it till then:) Connie has cancer in her lymph node, but only one, she will need another surgery and not sure what else to after she goes to Dr. on Monday. Keep her in your prayers.

Work is so busy, rates are in the 3% range, so low, even in 2% on 15 years! I am so thankful for a good June, God has blessed my business and has given me strength this week, I have enjoyed mother all week, but needed some me time, which I am getting:))) May even do pedicure and mani cure tomorrow, depends on if the place here in FFB has a opening:) for sure going to the lake, Steve and I are going to ride on wave runner, since we sold ours a couple of years ago, we will rent one at Lacy's, it will be a three seater, so hope we do not fall off!  Looking forward to a lake day with my sweetie! Then will end up at the pool:)  Sunday we will be at Journey Church, then I hope a nap, but I may have calls to work so we will see:))  Hope you have a great weekend too!!!!!!!!!! Hugs and nite

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