Monday, October 3, 2011

A no pic post, but smiley faces!

Have had a good week, this Monday should start out better then last Monday, I sure hopeSmile Last week was busy with work, and very busy with mother, she is doing the same just had some needs this week that took timeSmile I think it was Wednesday that Steve and I went to where Sean is camping and hunting when he is not working, it was very pretty, its in the wild life area, has a lake and is a wooded quiet area, only forty five minutes away, but it for sure a man thing, unless you like bugs, maybe snakes, critters. Steve went down Friday and got a deer on Saturday, Steve is back there tonight so I am home, I have enjoyed my time, miss him thoughSmile when I talk to him, Sean had cooked potatoes and deer meatSmile two peas in a camperSmile  I have a busy week this week, tomorrow have a new agent I hired to train, then to list a home at 10am, then work on my Apt. deal, hoping to get it all lined out, get a loan ready to close, but I need more sells so please help me pray them in Smile All is going good with my family, April has a job at Vision Express in LR and loves it, she still sits with mother on the week end, mother loves her being there. Hannah’s, Blake got in school there in Van Buren, Olivia is on the waiting list, Blake is so ready and needs the challenge it brings! Alex and Jared went to Dallas for the Hogs game, living high on the hog in one of the suites at Jerry’s Stadium.   Mother has been so much more confused this week, I even check to make sure I had not messed up her meds, I have gone over every day, I hope it will be easier with her living here, tonight she was worried about her babies, she had thought Kay and I should be home by nowSad smile this disease is the pits to say the least, then when we talked she just laughed about it, so she takes it all in stride and I am going to have to learn to do that, it does not get betterSad smile   Kay spends tomorrow night with her, Kay is finally well, mother will enjoy that.  My emotions are up and down, still learning to cope with so many changes in mother and continue to try  to work with a happy face, in sales people do not really care if your having a hard day, its all about them, to be honest I have found my self the same waySad smile esp. with waiters. Need to learn from myself on this one.

This weekend has been good for me, I did nothing for anyone, just rested, I really do feel much better, my fyrbo had flared up, so rest is what makes it go away.   Best go get my tail to bed, its almost midnight, and I have a early daySmile hugs and nite

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