Wednesday, October 19, 2011

whew a full week

Update on Jill's daddy, he made it through his surgery ok, so keep him in your prayers he is in ICU, Amelia is here and being her sweet self.  I was so amazed at her today, we were watching blue's clues, he said can you see the otter?? do you know where the otter is?? Amelia said, YES, right there! and pointed to it.  I could not believe at two that she can watch TV and totally know what is being said and answer it, but she can... we have to be very careful what we let our children watch!   Tomorrow Olivia will go back to Van Buren, Hannah has had all week with boys in school Luke being home, its not often she gets alone time with Luke:) They have found a home there and will probably make a offer.  I am just thankful Mark still has a job with the Post Office:) so are they.  I do feel better, had a great sales meeting Tuesday and property tour, even in the cold rain:) Worked today, Jenn helped with Amelia and Olivia was in school:) Then my sweet Jenn made dinner for us all, it really helped.  I did get all paper worked signed on the apt. deal, now pray it closes:) will fro sure be bathed in prayer and a answered prayer.  Not sue what the weekend holds, but I know it will be beautiful weather!  Race for the Cure is this Saturday:) planning on doing the walk::) Looking forward to listings and sells this next week!!race for cure

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