Monday, October 31, 2011

Memory Makin Day:)

What a fun filled day, I was at mother’s and we slept late, very rare for me.  Mother and I then went to Jennifer Averitt’s to babysit, mother just loved it, Laila was sleepy so she just let mother cuddle her and hold her. mother girls Mika was asleep most of the time, but when she woke she was excited to see us, she went right to mother and gave her a big kiss, made mother’s day, she loves it when she realizes they know who she is and say her name.  MIMImother girls1Then tonight was our Journey Church first annual Harvest Fest, it was so much fun, we had a great turn out and fun time. girls hf It actually helped us to get to know each other and pull us all together as a church, we are close anyway, but it gave us much more time together, this has been a great memory making day!!  Amelia and Mika dressed so cute!  All the children were so cuteSmile  harvest fest  millhfI have Sales meeting tomorrow, property tour, then show property, then ladies groupSmile so another full day.  It should be pretty weather just as today, so another beautiful day!  I had a weekend of mental rest, after such a stressful end of last week, I feel mentality ready to face the challenges of being a Daughter of a mother with Alzheimer's, Wife, Nana, Mother, Friend, Sister, Aunt, Realtor, what ever I need to beSmile  sometimes we just have to take the time to refuel, destress, thankfully my BFF realized what I neededSmile We all have many hats to wear in our life, that is what makes us who we areSmile  Keep my dear friend’s Gene Beasley in your prayers, not sure you remember but he broke his hip, he is 90, I have known them all my life, mother and Luella have been BFF for over 50 years.  He did well, then fell again and now has staff infection, not looking to good for him, Luella his wife just sat by his bed and cried and cried, she knows he may not come home, death is such a hard thing, I have thought a lot about it lately.  You work all your life and then one day your called home and you may have never even taken the time to do the things you want in life.  I hope I will never be like that, always take time for memory days, and never think you can not afford family vacations, it makes the memories that will last after your long gone, there is no price you can put on that.  I have gone on vacations that I know we did not have the money to do but we did anyway, I have done family times that I really did not have energy to do, but did them for memory times, it means so much to me to know my grandbabies will remember fun times with me, or my children have memories they will always have, there is no price you can place on memory days!  Well, so much for all my thoughtsSmile hugs and nite!

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