Tuesday, October 18, 2011

blog???? what is that??

I for sure have-not got any better at making time to blog! Not even sure where my last blog left off.  So much has happened.  work is slow for me, I need it to pick up, like right nowSmile I had a physical last week and my Dr. sent me to heart Dr. for stress test and echo of heart, who the heart Dr. had me do a heath catch for some irregularities, He was concerned with family history but not alarmed, so I did the heart cath a week ago last Monday, they were able to go through the vein in the wrist which by the way still hurts meSad smile  It was not a bad test just scary for me, all looked good, have a little narrowing but can be treated with meds.  It has taken me longer to get over the test then I ever thought, so its been a hard week for me. One reason I did not blog, could not type.  Hannah and Mark came wed. night for the night, Mark had MRI and has a ruptured disc in his neck and pinched nerveSad smile Luke is doing great, Olivia stayed here with us, she is in mother’s day out this week then will go home.  I had a wonderful forty year reunion this week end.090This is a Jr. High friend, she live in the Methodist children’s home and she would spend some holiday’s with us and nights, I have not seen her since school;(  Our reunion was such a sweet time and we all had church together on Sunday, our class mate Mike Pounders is a preacherchurch Parkview with Micheal Pounders 011 he had such a sweet and to the point good messageSmile  Mother has had a difficult week just being settled, been over there a lot this week, then Monday we did all her yard and cleaned, got her house ready for fall.120 mayfair 036 (Copy) It is on the market and I need it sold, it is totally to hard for me to keep up both placesSad smile  I will not move her until it is sold, but she is excited to live with me, when she remembers, most of the time this week she did not know me, so that has been depressing!  My friend’s mother passed away with Alzhemier's so it hit home real close in being involved with her during her mother’s death.  I just want to enjoy the time I have with mother.120 mayfair 016 (Copy) when she moves we will miss this deck.  I just love it, if I close my Apt. deal I am building us one here!  So pray it all comes together and will close. That would be major!  Jill’s daddy, JL Weaver is having open heart surgery this Wed, am, it is a five by pass surgery so keep him in your prayers, Amelia will come today and spend the night, she is almost two years old, Olivia will enjoy playing with her, then I will meet Jill near Jonesboro where har daddy is having surgery, they will stay in a house there during this time, which he is sick.  So many prayer needs, Jill’s sister’s father in law just found out he has aggressive cancer and need a miracle, so pray for him, his name is Mr. Billison, not sure his first name.  Thank the Lord we have a healing God!!  A scripture this week on our church bulletin said, God quiets you with his love, and I loved, loved that, I need to be quieted with his love, just let all the worries and cares fall into his arms of love as he holds me and quiets me.  I told Steve, I felt as if I was losing it some times, but then thought not sure how far I got to go to lose it, I may already have;0 might not be too far away place for me.  I do know I need to slow down and stop making any commitments for awhile, other then work and mother, that is a full time job Smile Took mother to Cracker Barrel for dinner Sunday, it was so much fun, she loves looking in that store!! the food was good….and we did not even do desert.  I have got to get on track with my eating, I gained nine pounds when I was in hospital for the heart cath, all the fluids! So I am am making a commitment to get back on my walking schedule since it is cooler and getting this fluid off, most is gone but my legs and ankles still have some, think it is what I am eating now….ugh….the price we pay to try to stay healthy!  It is a life style change for sure and when you change back you get the old results!!  Well best go and get ready for my day, glad I got up early and had time to chat. Love and hugs

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