Monday, September 26, 2011

Blah Monday

Today has been a difficult day for me emotionally.  I do not have them often, I normally deal with my self with the Lord in prayer.  Today I had one of those days, had time reading and praying this am, then thought of making a pumpkin cake for mother, plus I love the smell. By the way the cake was a flop, its hard to cry and bakeSad smile   pumpkin cake  it has the consistently of pumpkin pieSmile but it did smell good baking or should I say cooking. Had some work to do did that, went to store and then just sort of cried off and on the rest of the day. Talked to Steve, but I just needed someone to listen not fix it or tell me things about it, so that went over like a lead balloon, he tried, it was just me. My dear friend's daddy is in hospital and had broke his hip, he did good in surgery but had a bad night and day today, waiting on CT scan results, his name is Gene Beasley,beck,april 031 my mother met Luella when Kay was little, so we all grew up together and have remained friends for over fifty years:)  Then I had Susan Averitt and Cameron on my mind,Cameron Cameron is my niece's daughter who past away when she was five, then just had so many emotions, I have kept pushed down about mother come up, I am really struggling with her going down hill so fast, I have no ideal how I will do with her living with me, not sure I am ready but do not think I can keep doing what I do now either, so keep me, mother and Kay in your prayers, Kay is sick, she is fighting depression about mother too, and upset over Gene, but most of all she is sick with a cold/flu not sure what. So its just been one of those days, that the Lord reminded me that I had what I need for today and do not take thought of tomorrow for it is not here yet, when it is His grace will be here for it. hold hand I just do not like being so emotional, I do not cry a lot, but want to deal with my emotions, so have off and on all day:)  Having faith tomorrow will be a better day Smile  Plus a more upbeat blogSmile hugs and night

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