Saturday, October 22, 2011

He will quiet you with His Love!

quiets my soulThis was our church bulletin last week and it has meant to much to me, so many times in this past week I have prayed for God to just quiet me with His love.  This probably has been one of the most trying weeks in a long time.  I started the week tired from my high school reunion, which as I said was a wonderful time! So many life changing things have gone on, JL Weaver had his open heart surgery and has done well, had a scare when his kidneys not working, but he is better now. Had two funerals, another friend close to death. Steve and I decided since we are older more of our friends are older too and having health problems and some have started passing away, when your in your 40’s this does not happen much, but in the 60’s they do, not sure I was ready for that one.   I have had some personal issues that this scripture has been life to me this week, I have been angry,  hurt, depressed, wanted to defend my self, wanted to help my children with what they are going through but couldn’t, I prayed for God to quiet my soul with His love and I was able to keep my mouth shut. Prayed this for my family too. To think, He is singing over me blows me away, I love singing and love to be sang to, but to even imagine GOD singing over me just totally blesses me. It takes me being still and listening to His sweet voice and take in His love that quiets my soul, reminds me I am his child and He loves me.  When things on earth look dim, scripture says look full into His wonderful face!  There are so many things going on right now with me that I do not have the freedom to share since it does not just involve me, but I am hanging onto this scriptures for me and my familySmile Knowing God is faithful to complete the good work He has started in us all!

Thursday we took Olivia back to Van Buren, spent the night, loved seeing Max, Luke and Blake, Hannah and MarkWinking smile Hannah is moving so we looked at the home she is moving too, ugh…I would dread packing with four babies, but have done it before my self, its not easy but you do what you have to do.  Then Steve and I just drove and drove and looked at the countryside, trees, lakes, farms, then ended up at the condo, ate at Stringzbeans, which was so so good, they grow all the veggies!!!  You just have to eat there to know how good it is!  It’s a quiet and beautiful day and I am resting and listening for God to sing over me and quiet me with His love!!! hugs and hope you can hear Him sing over you too and quiet you with His love!sunset

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