Wednesday, November 9, 2011


A lot of changes for meSmile some I do not like and some I am getting use to, and some I love!   First change, I am going to mother’s four nights a week, I have enjoyed it so far, we have played games, laughed till we cried playing Ginga, a block stacking game.  When we get in bed she sometimes is restless, we talk then she falls asleep, one night she just could not get settled down, finally she did and was asleep, I was dreaming and called out MOTHER! She sat up and said what? then I woke up and realized I was talking out loud.  Poor mother, I laughed and so did she! Then Steve is working with me a lot more, he is trying to take up the slack for me, with me at Mother’s more, I need my business to go on as usualSmile actually I need it to pick up.  I have so many listings but things are just slow selling, so pray with me for sales.  The change I do not like is I have gained about 12-15 poundsSad smile and I do not like that.  I have not watched what I have been eating and got back into old eating habits, things have been stressful and I fell back to eating out of stress, I do understand the defination of insanity, if I keep on doing the same thing, I will get the same results, so my behavior has to change, and it is so hard to change it back, BUT I am determined to do that! So pray for me in that area too!  Another area of change is the evenings, they are quiet and uneventful, my life feels like it is in slow motion right now, I am use to a fast pace so it is hard for me to go at a slow speed, even in the eveningsSmile Time is flying by, I can not believe it is Thanksgiving in a few days!  We are just having a day with Alicia and her family, a lot of my children will be at their spouse’s family this year, so it will be a nice family day with  good food.

My car is in the shop, it has a leak that my extended warranty will not cover, but it does cover my seat motor not working right….go figure. 

Tomorrow is the day my father past away in 1973, seems so long ago, he was 59 when he past away so he would have been 97 years old! Wow!  Mother is 79 years old.  My father was hurt in a construction accident on Arkansas Valley Drive and Rodney Parham, where Shorty Small’s is.  It was on his birthday, he had a construction company.   Both of Steve’s parents past young, so my children have mother on my side of the family as “Mimi” , I think that is why I love being A Nana and Steve loves being Daddygrand, I want to have a active role in my grand babies life’s, and that can be hard because I have 14 with one on the waySmile   not sure what life would be like with out all my babies.

I am itching to get Christmas out already, I played Christmas music today with mother, she loved it, and so did I, but I have fall out right now, but Christmas is only a few days away from peaking out at my house.  I will post pics when it comes out.  Well best go and watch the wheel with mother…..hugs and nite

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