Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cooking Mama:)

Steve and I had a great time away, I turned my phone off and Angela did great taking my calls:) We just had so much fun, we just talked and shared our dreams of our future:)  I woke up early both mornings, like 5:30ish, tried to be quiet so Steve could sleep.

We did go play golf in which, I watched and rode in the cart, had a good magazine to look at, it was windy as the afternoon went on and cold, but it was so sunny and a beautiful day for awhile.  We then went to eat and back to our room, Got up Friday morning checked out about 11ish and went and ate lunch then headed to the office, where we wrote two offers, caught up on what needed to be done, then called it a night, sitting in our chairs and sleeping in our own bed.  I love my bed and my covers, esp my electric blanket:) I always miss that when I am not at home.

This morning got up early again:((( was suppose to be at a breakfast with class mates, but my car started acting up, so was at Fletcher Dodge this am early, then got a loner car, Thankful it was not too expensive, about 200 something, so that was not too bad, had it been a lot, I had looked for a new ride, but did not see anything I liked, except a truck, extended cab, Dodge Ram:)  Steve and I then went out to Alex and Jill's to help him put up the girls trampoline, in which Alex had up, he is a pro at it, he use to help his uncle set them up:) so Steve just helped with he enclosure part, I loved my visit with Jill and the girls. I had pics to take of a Equestrian Ctr. we listed, it is so beautiful out there, this horse started acting like a wild stallion, I took lots of pics, I had Jill's camera so when she gets them off there I will post them:) Glad I was not riding him!

Steve is going to Van Buren in the am, I want to go so bad, but need to stay here and be in town for work:) Hannah's birthday is Monday, so I made a fudge cake and veg. beef soup and corn bread for their dinner, Steve is going to help Mark work on the Toyota truck....and will be back Monday night, quick trip, but I know the kids will love seeing him and he them.  I cooked all morning, made a huge pot of soup with every veggie you can think of, chili and taco meat for taco salad, fudge cake.
Showed property this afternoon and went to dinner with my friend who I was showing property too, had a snack instead of dinner and came home and ate soup:) A piece of cake, that I normally never eat and ice cream:(  so got to get rid of the cake, I am really going to start Monday on a workout program and watch my calories and get the rest of my weight off, I have gone back and forth on this last bit of weight, loose some gain some:(( but I know it is what I am eating and how much, so back on the wagon again!  Its just so hard, I would love to be thin and have a high metabolism!  Alex has done great, he has lost 16 pds., in 16 days but cutting back to 2000 calories a day, he was having health issues that got his attention and decided to get healthy.  Steve is going to start too, hope in a month I can report we are working out and have lost inches and some pds.!
Will miss my sweetie, but going to Journey church in am and then doing what ever for tomorrow, you never know what a day holds in the life of Real Estate! But no open house tomorrow.  Best get my tail to bed so I will not be tired.....nite and hugs

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