Sunday, February 3, 2013

A full weekend


Addie and Amelia

Victoria and girls do just dance:)
Friday I had a easy day, as you all know from previous blog, I got Gumbo, crawlfish, shrimp for dinner and made it a movie night with Steve:)  Saturday I worked that am and then Mika had her three yr old birthday party, which was fun, she loved her purple party, Jenn made it all so special for her. My friend and neighbor who is a single mom needed to study so I had her little Addie ( daughter ) who is three come over, she went with me to the Birthday party and played with the girls, she was so good:)  Amelia came and she stayed the night with us, Peyton has already planned to spend the night, so we had a a fun afternoon with dancing, play dough, coloring:)  Bob, Jack and Victoria stayed fro dinner, in which we had stew:)
I made fried corn bread patties.....hummmmm so good, of course the girls had spaghetti:) Sunday morning started real early, like 6:15am:)  Made scrambled eggs, cinnamon rolls, bacon for breakfast, had plenty of time before church:) 
It was such a pretty day, after church Steve and I and Peyton went to the cemetery, they still do not have mother's grave done right nor have they put Walt's stone back where it goes, I left a msg. on their phone and a note on their door, not to happy about that, mother's head stone has not been engraved, even though it was paid for in Sept:(((
this is not where it goes, it is not even on the grave:( we changed the flowers out for spring flowers:)
you can see where Walt's stone is:(  We then went to where Steve's parents are buried at Pinecrest and put new flowers in their grave
Peyton read the names on the stones to find the one with Averitt on it.  I did not realize that Mrs. Averitt, past away the same day as Wyatt, April 1st.  We then went to Steve's grand mother's grave, Mimi, that pic is on Steve's phone, the cemetery was beautiful with a pond and geese, where daddy and mother and Walt are buried it is ok, but not as pretty, nor as safe to go to, it is Roselawn, in a high risk area now:((( But we just go packing when we go, I told Steve Lord help we have Peyton with us in this area, but all was safe and sound.  We fixed Aunt Verna some new flowers too:)   Alicia and Alexandria are in Tulsa for her dance competition, so far they are in the finals:) Hannah is doing well with her goats, working on a larger pen for her goats:)
Jill feels little better, Sydney still has ears hurting, after being on antibiotics:(  keep them and Alex in your prayers, Alex looks exhausted:(  Next Sunday is Cole's birthday party at my house, I will do a family lunch after church:) Lot of Birthday's in March too:) 
Have a full day of work tomorrow and Tuesday, class on Friday:0 SO a busy week.....I am feeling the need for a few days off:)) Looks like I will be seeing when we can go to the condo for a couple of days:)  I am itching to go to Florida, Steve and I usually go in April for our anniversary, so I will have to wait, but will look forward to going then:))
I actually have a cruise on Carnival that I earned, but have decided to go in December, I try to go when I think the market will be slower, but if this year is like last year I had a major December, so we may change it, the market has just not slowed down like it usually does this time of year, I am not complaining, just making hay while the sun shines:)    Guess for today it will be in my thoughts about a vacation:)  nite                                                                                                                                       


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