Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Valentine

 My office is the one with light on:)
You know as I came to work today, very early so I could get finished by about 1:00 ish, I was thinking how excited, or as Cole says pcited, that Steve and I are going away for two days, I will have alone time with just him, it made me think of marriage, you know your spouse is the one who gets the left overs of your day, and that is called life.  I have through the years tried to make him number one all day long but it never worked because of children who had to be number one, or work who had to be number one or mother who had to be number one that day.  So our spouse gets our left overs, sometime we do not even have left overs.  Just think I bring you lunch, but I ate it first and bring you left overs....ugh....a relationship can not live on left overs all the time:)

In saying that I will explain, when you have children, as a mother they will take everything out of you some days, your hubby comes home and you need attention, you have nothing to give, then some days if you work, you have work that takes it out of you, when you get home, you still have your home to clean, laundry, dinner, etc, you have nothing to give.  SOOOOO I decided to have 48 hours alone with my Valentine this year, we will not discuss children, grand babies, work, family, nothing but focus on us and having fun together, time for holding hands, pats on the bottom:) dinner out with our eyes gazing into the one we love.  Taking time to give my Valentine the best of me, totally focused on him and he totally focused one me:) 
So many days, we work non stop, eat, and come home exhausted, we are normally focused on work, children and many days, we say I love you and fall in to bed and kiss good night, to wake up early and do it over again and again...this is called life. 
So I encourage you to take a few hours out of your day to make your Valentine feel special to you:) If you do not have hours, then what ever you do have. to keep our marriage  healthy you need and I need to have our spouses one on one attention to just focus on each other, not talking about love making but that is nice too:) talking about remembering why you married him, what you love about him, his hands, his shoulders that you cry on, his smile, his wink, all the things that said, HE is the
 one for me!!  Most of the time we lose sight of all that in the midst of everyday life, changing diapers, wiping noses, cleaning house, working, what ever we do in life. 
I am going to have a wonderful Valentine's Day and I hope you do too!  If you do not have a spouse then be with a friend and make their and your day special!  We all have love ones!

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