Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hard week but fun weekend:)

I am not sure how people have stood being around me this week, my back has almost been out, you know that catch you can get and if you move wrong your in pain?  That is how mine has been:(
Monday was in office a lot which does not help it, I took some flexerill which normally do not affect me, other then help with spasms, but this week it turned me into a real Bear:)  I could not stand my self, I had several deals go haywire, had to read ajust them to make them work, had a HUD deal that sent me over the edge, wish I could say I handled it calmly, but I was fit to be tied.  Anyone I had to deal with  knew my displeasure in no uncertain terms, no doubt I was flat mad. 
Then April and I had some come to Jesus talks,  one day I told Steve just go do his work, I would do mine that I would do it alone.....poor Steve, but it was for his on safety:))) On Wed. I had lunch with my brother and his wife to plan the Roger's reunion this April, which will be a wonderful time having our Roger's family together:)    

     Getting invites out this week:)

Went to home group Thursday night and enjoyed it so much,help me refocus, then Friday am got up real early like 5am and went to a breakfast with some of  my class mates,

  I enjoyed that so much, worked the rest of day.  Got deals worked out:)  Sean, Sarah, Cole and Anna came over Saturday night and we celebrated Cole's fourth Birthday:)

The cake was totally something, you could eat the horse and cow boy and belt buckle that said Cole!
Cole told Sarah, IM so pacited, I bout to have heart tack:)  He is so stinking cute!  Sean did crawlfish and catfish, fried, huspuppies for dinner, the kids that could came over and it was a good time, then we watched Medea, probably not spelled right:) It was a good movie, great msg. felt like I had been to church!
In which, I did go to Journey church today, wow, it was such a anointed worship time and the msg. hit home, Alex is starting a series on "we are made in the image of God" probably not his title, but my title:) it is going to be good, I can tell:) God said in Gen. he made man in OUR image, which is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to think we are made in that image is mind blowing, esp. when I acted like I did all week, thankful for repentance, in which I had to apologize several times, and Grace:) going to show property this afternoon, hope to sell it!  Writing a offer tonight, a HUD house, which means it is banked owned, these drive me insane, but you got to do what you got to do in this business to help people out:)
Looking forward to some time with my Sweetie for Valentine's, we are suppose to go stay in a suite and have dinner at a steakhouse, then play golf:( he will love it:) be back Friday. I will love room service, alone time and if it is pretty like being outside:) If it snows we will just cancel our room and stay here and enjoy the snow:) I missed the last snow.
The cemetery sent me a pic of mother's head stone it is engraved now:) Walt's marker which is solid something, so heavy you can not budge it, is suppose to be back at the correct site of his ashes.  I will go by this week and check:)  I am thankful to sorta have all mother's business coming to a end, it brings me to tears still, I still have the things in the white trailer of hers, it was things that was left in her home once Kay and I got the things we wanted, so not even sure what to do with it all, its still so emotional for me, and if something does not go right, I get fighting mad:(((( like the cemetery deal. SO I know I am still in the angry part of grief,  time to move forward:)  just wish I could speed it up,  I think I have then like today, I just really miss her, think back over her last week and have some anger at how her week was, thankful she did not know. Wish I could not remember it, still have issues as you can see.  I love her and miss her beautiful self:)

Gotta run, it will be a busy first of week, then a Romantic Valentine's day and busy weekend with work:) Hugs to all and Happy Valentine's day!

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