Monday, September 24, 2012

I have been so over whelmed , On Thursday I went to see mother at 2pm, her eyes had a glaze to them and I knew she did not feel well, I ask to lay her down, we did, I came back at 3:30 to stay, sent Steve to a loan closing, she was up and seemed a little better, so I left to go to home group, then NH called and said Mother was lethargic and Blood pressure 80/33 the Dr. said send her to ER.  I said no, I am on my way, since then she has been in bed, BP up and down, sleeps most of the time, will awake some, this morning she has been awake and talking:)  I know this is her last days with me, I had some time just to talk to her, and let her know it is ok to go, that we will all be ok.  For her to watch for the angels to come.......very hard morning, that was Friday, I called in Hospice on Saturday, they had been ordered but on hold, after not knowing how quick I can get meds for mother for end of life if needed to keep her pain free. 

She has had a lot of visitor's, each saying bye in their own way, these pictures are special family time of loving our sweet mother, I decided to share it with you, after a family member who can not be here said it helped her feel close to mother to see the pics since she cannot be with her.

April Bale and Alex Averitt,mother
Amelia was singing Jesus loves me and the wheels on the bus go round and round:) Amelia  sang to other pts. too, they loved her!
Mother had a good weekend, she enjoyed her visitors, she loved Jimmy's tie, it was little children in support of St. Jude's Hospital, he wanted to leave it with her but I said no, it will get lost, the vistors gave her a little boost of life.  I do not know when it will be when Jesus comes for her, I have all planned for her funeral, which is good. Right now help is limited so I am at NH most of time, Alicia and April spent Sat and Sun. night so I could rest.
I made Steve go to the Dallas Cowboys game with Jared, Bob and Jack, Jared got the tickets that their company had, they wine and dine their vendors with, no one could go, so he took them, it was on 50 yard line, with Jerry Jones in box behind them:) all the food and drinks provided, Jack was in HOG heaven, all the candy too:) Cedarcreek is part of the Founder's CLub, so they are upnotch seats and food bars, candy bars, ice cream bars, all you want:) my kind of place:)  They had a major suite provided too, so Steve said that is a experience that rates up there with the most important in his life, you can not even image it, they had 10,000 employee's to cater to the fans! He said he felt like somebody important, I said you are!
I have a listing appointment  this afternoon, I have to keep my business going even in the midst of all this,seller's and buyer's are investing in the most expensive thing they will ever buy, and normally need help right now not able to  wait, if you can not be aviable they will call someone else, becasue of thier time frame, its a busy time so I have my office  all set up in NH room this am:) Getter done by God's grace, trusting Him to keep me going:)  Mother told me this morning she was scared, and not to leave her:((  she has been tearful today and yesterday:( Steve will come while I have appointment and he is doing all he can to keep the business working. Just a hard time......reminds me of the song Denny Ezell's little girl wrote,  its a hard time.....a sweet song she sang at her daddy's funeral. 
Just wanted to update you on all of what is going on:) hugs and keep us in your prayers.

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