Thursday, September 6, 2012

Far and few between

I am getting worse at blogging, you would think I have more time now to blog but its just sitting down and being in the right mid frame to do it:) 

To catch up, I did got to Hannah's and see where she will be living, they love it, I love it, it is a neat home with 14 acres in Centerridge, which is 10 minutes form Mark's work, deer every where, and I am sure some black bears may be in that area.....eeeeeekkkkk! It is all fenced, some in pasture land, so they can have their farm and live on love:) I am sure Steve will be putting our camper there for new hunting grounds, it backs up to a National Forest:) I am so excited for them, we will get the babies Friday then go back Monday to help them move, I love that house, it is so them:) Maybe me too, I told Steve I would not mind moving there when we retire, Hannah and Mark said they would give us a acre:) Never know......
Work is still unreal busy, Iam so thankful we have ten loans in closing so the end of the month will be staggering busy getting it all done, Have closing already for Oct ober too, I like to have about four closings in the pipe line each month to make the sarlay I enjoy:) with mother in the NH I have been able to focus more on work and making a living, hope to pay my debts off so I can retire:)

Speaking of mother, she is ok, she is still happy in NH, it is still hard to leave her there, I still think I could do better at times with her here, have not toally got that out of my head yet, she is just progressing down the Alzheimer's path in later stages, she has lost some weight, she will not eat for me or them sometimes:( she sleeps more in her chair, her eyes have that blank stare, she does lighten up when she has company, totally comes out when Jack is there with Alicia, she loves his hugs and kisses, Alicia and Jack go daily after school, for which I am thankful, she may not remember who we are but she can feel the love we give and it makes her happy:)  I know the days will be harder emotionally for us all as we go down this path, not to sound depressing but be realistic.  I find great help in my care givers group and my Memory People group, it helps me look at reality, plan for what lies ahead of us and know mother is ok and in a happy state of mind for today:)  I still get upset with NH, but have learned to ride it out, they are doing the best that can at times.

All my babies are ok too, Alicia is with her best friend in PCB this week, I am excited for her to have that alone time, it is much needed, Sean is hanging in there, he is trying to prepare for winter with his work, being in construction you normally get laid off;( Alex is preaching his heart out and working his job, he has to travel more hthen he or his family like, Hannah is like a little pig in slop right now with her move:) Jared is going great with his job, he works a lot of hours too, out of town some, but all is well with him, April went with us to Van Buren, she is wanting to pursue her medical career, she likes her job at Baptist but is looking more into nursing field, she is doing good. So there you go, all my grand babies and spouses are doing good too:) 

Now to share about me, I went to Barry Barnshill who has a shop called Remedies in Rosebud, he is holistic, he put me on some meds for Wilson's Syndrome, my ismus of the thyroid is not working right, might not be saying or spelling it right:) I have always had a below normal body temp like 94-96, this has been what has been my problem with so many areas, I am taking a vitiam like med, all natural and it has made such a difference in how I feel, it is hard for me to believe I pushed my self every day to do all I was doing, I actually wake up with no headache and some energy, I am sleeping so much better, he said this is why it is hard for me to lose weight too, he is a wonderful man with a true gift from the Lord in helping people, he helped Steve too with his stomach problems:) I had much rather take natural things to feel better:)  So far so good, Will keep you posted, if I really feel good and have energy there is no telling what all I can do:)  I am hopeful this will change how I feel and I will actually feel like doing what I do instead of always pushing myself to keep going, instead of saying good lord it is morning, I say Good Lord, it is morning, lets got for it!!

I am actually thinking about selling my home sooner then I thought, for real, I can not even believe I am saying this because I love my home, but I am really thinking on it, I have someone who wants to buy it, it would be after the first of the year, just not sure where I would go, I do not want to buy anything right now, I know I can not live in just thinking on it:)

Our home group starts up again tonight so excited about that, will be cooking some kind of veggie for pot luck tonight, have a luncheon to go to today and write a contract at 3:30 on one of my listings with a new agent, so a slower day, will get to spend some time with mother today too:))) Hope you have a great day doing what ever you do...hugs

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