Monday, September 10, 2012

Whew how things change!

 April caring for mother
 Mika getting shugs
Peyton getting a hug
WOW how can a day change so much, last Thursday I went to Nursing home to find mother very very sick, we ended up going by ambulance to UAMS, we got out today, mother is back at Nursing Home, she is really lost ground to the point we will involve Hospice now in our lives. She was brought back by ambulance too because she is not able to sit up on her own, I am praying that she will regain her strength and be able to stand again and sit, so pray with me:) I meet with her nursing home Dr. tomorrow morning say this has been a hard week is a understatement, I have faced as well as I can that mother will actually pass away, not sure when but she is much closer then she was and all changes in a matter of is very fragile......we do not realize it, but it is.  I find peace in knowing mother is ready and I will see her again when God calls me home.  Now to get her the best care and give her the most love I can till the end.  My heart is broken, I am exhausted but have a real peace in the midst of this storm that is from prayers and God, no doubt. 

I am not sure what all tomorrow holds, Know I have to be at NH early and have work too, I am tyring to keep up with work, thank the Lord for Steve, in this business you have to preform no matter what is going on, because homes are people's largest purchase and sale....they need the agents full attention, so I try real hard, it helps to have Steve:)

Please keep us in your prayers:) I live on them right now, we did not go to help Hannah, they were unloading their truck tonight at 7:30, so I know it is hectic with all the babies and no beds for them to sleep on yet, I wish they had more help, but they are getting it done.  I will be thankful when I can go see them and  help her, I know she needs me now but mother needs me more at this time, be thankful for it all to settle down:) 

I have peace in the decision I have made about mother's care, I met with Nursing Home told them my concerns about mother and think we are all on the same page. Result of your prayers again:)

Going to bed now so hugs and nite.............

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