Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This week as been a run your tail off week so far and I do not see a let up in sight, which is a good thing!  Closed 2 loans, listed 3 homes, and still have six more loans to close this month,  1.5 million dollar deal this week, its commerical land deal. Real Estate is crazy busy!  I am very thankful:) 
Monday I had a great meeting with the nursing Home, got some things straight that needed to be for mother's care, seems like I lose a little more of her each day, today was really hard, I went this am and she was in physical Therapy, she was trying to do some upper arms therapy, in which she could not do it by her self, she said to me, can you get me back to where I was?  It broke my heart, she was so serious, I said sure mother, let me help you work your hands, then I said you have to try to do this to get back to where you was, and she said well where was I??? which made me laugh.....I have no ideal how much longer she has but I know my time is short with her. She will not eat, and drinks very little, so I value every minute I have with her.  I grieve daily, some days easier then others.   On Monday they have Elvis at 2pm., Kay and I are both going to be there with her, who knows might take her for a swing in her wheel chair!  The neatest thing, there is a chair lift, it looks like a hammet swing chair size cloth, mother loves it, it lifts her now to put her in wheel chair and lay her in bed, she just cuddles up in it and sorta rocks her as it moves:) It is much easier then people trying to life her which hurts her and scares her, but she loves the chair lift:) I do not want her to go but its so hard to see her like this, I pray she does not have to suffer much longer, its all in the Lord's hands:)

On a more cheerful note, Jared is taking Steve, Bob and Jack to a Dallas Cowboy's game this weekend, his company has box seats and he got to go with three others:)  Sean is at Hannah and Marks and all he can say is deer are every where, they saw over 50 deer, so far none have been bowed down:)) I need to get up there to teach them to run away!

Tomorrow night is Home church, I am making home made chicken noodle soup, we do a pot luck and share a scripture, it is always fun and I love to hear other's thoughts on scripture:)  Steve and I thought we may go to PCB Florida the end of the month, but will wait with mother like she is, but I am so ready to just sit at the ocean, I love it! So peaceful. 

Pray all my deals to close and pray for my listings to sale, I am praying for a great end of year for me, I have set some high goals and working to meet them.  Hugs to all and to all good night!

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