Thursday, March 15, 2012

Been a good week

Been a really busy week, but a good one.  We had a pot luck at work Tuesday and the food was so good, we have a Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese agents and boy can they cook good!!!  So much food and so yummy, I have ate homemade clam chowder today for lunch that was left over and lo main noodles tonight for dinner.  All the agents cooked something, so we had way too much food.  I am busy at work, we closed a loan today and will close one tomorrow, sold the a Commercial listing we have, Steve is a huge asset! 
Mother is feeling much better, still has a shuffle to her step when she gets tired but she is much better. Its still hard to get much sleep when I do not have care givers, she sleeps but talks in her sleep most of the night:)  Which reminds me, last night I was helping Jill and Alex and sleeping with Amelia, during the night she starts laughing, I rub her little face and say, Mill you dreaming?  She says yes, I am playing with Paypay and Laila, she calls Peyton, sweet...never opened her eyes, just laughed and went back to sleep, I love waking up with her, she wakes up with a smile that will melt your heart! Last night Jill ask would I take the baby monitor with me to the spare bedroom, I said, why?  I am sleeping with Amelia!!  I have loved my time with all of them, it has been very special for me.   I think new born is my favorite time with a baby, they are so cuddly, Sydney is just the best baby!  Looks like my font changed, but I am not sure why or how to fix it, so just endure.
Steve and I went to a caregiver's group meeting today, it was really good, I was so emotional, started crying when I got my tea, thought what is wrong with me, cried when I shared, after I was out I had time to think and I figured it out, I keep all those feelings put on the back burner so I can focus on what needs to be done, then all of a sudden I am there with ther people like me , its time to think on those things, so it was a hard time, but I think it will help me to go each month.  Tomorrow we are going to a Alzheimer's Seminar with Drs., Elder Attorney's, and guest speakers, it is totally focused on Alzheimer's, I am looking forward to learning, today I got two books and some material that was wonderful on communication, sent it to the caregivers.
April called and went to Lawton Oklahoma, her birth mother called her, she needed to sign a Indian Petition on Saturday so she can keep her Indian Benefits, I was hesitant about it all, there was no way I could drop everything to go with her, she and her boy friend went, of course she had no ideal how much gas it would cost, she thought she could sign it today and come back home, but its Saturday when she has to sign the petition, so she is there, not sure where she will stay, she has a birth brother there, not sure if Dee ( birth mother) is there or not, I have some different feelings on all this:( keep her in your prayers.  She is 21, so I really do not have any say so in it all, but just hope that was a good ideal for her to go.  Sean will be divorced soon, which is sad too, he is doing ok, divorce is never easy on the whole family, keep him in your prayers too.  Anna and Cole are doing ok with it all, affects Cole more then Anna.
Everyone else is doing ok, Hannah is coming this Wed. evening till Sunday, we are taking the camper to a nice KOA camp ground here, with mother here it is too much to have them all here, so they are renting a cute cabin there, we will have the camper, doing a cook out on Saturday.  I am excited about seeing them, its been since Jan. since I have seen them:(  Looking forward to that!  I think peyton and Laila may spend the night with us in the camper!  The camp ground has a play ground, laundry, store and ice cream:) a work out room too! Its about 10 miles from our house, so I can still be here close if I need to show property or help with mother. 
I can not believe I will be married fro 40 YEARS this year, we are going to PCB Florida for some one on one time in which is far and few between for Steve and I, we have to make that time for us.  One thing that was said by someone today is they are getting use to never being alone in their home and never turning out the lights at night, I could relate, we have care giver's here all day and some nights so we can sleep, you do not have a time you can just come in and be by yourself, I am getting use to the lights being on at night but still really like it dark when I sleep.  I love going to the condo it is so dark at night, I usually can sleep late there, late to me is 9am, which is really late for me:(  Update on Gavin that you have prayed for, he will have surgery again this Monday to open his eye better, his eye is healing, he will need a Corina transplant when the time comes, but his eyeball was saved!! God has been faithful!  Colin is still sick, they are thinking he may have a rare arthritis that Dale Mickleson has, a golfer, I talked to him yesterday, he sounded good, but was in a lot of pain in his hands, they were all swelled up, he will have a lung scope soon, so keep him in your prayers.   Hugs and nite

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