Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break

We have brought the camper to the KOA camp ground, Hannah and her family came Wednesday, they stayed in a cabin her at the KOA, it was a one room cabin, real cute.  I can not get pics to post so will try to add them later:(  We met Bill Brown on Wed. afternoon at Beef O'Brady's, he is who introduced us! We go back a long long time!  Hannah got here late Wed. night, Thursday I had to work and got my hair cut, then came to the KOA, we had such fun, made so many memories with our Grand Babies! I picked up Jared and Jenn's girls and they came to spent the night Thursday night, we all went to Cock of the Walk to eat, it is a neat place for children, its on a lake and has a white Peacock, ducks, turtles, sits off in the woods with a pond, they flip your corn bread at your table.... then back to camper, had all girls for a sleep over, then Friday got up did laundry as they played, then went to the Zoo, in which everyone in our State must have been at the Zoo that day!  Steve and I were going to take seven of them and thought no big deal, boy I was ever so thankful Hannah and Mark decided to go, because we for sure would of had a hard time, way too many people to keep up with them all, we had Jenn's double stroller and rented two more, Max and Jack walked the whole time, really they all took turns, it was such a fun day, the Zoo was so pretty with flowers in bloom, animals doing their mating calls, monkeys going crazy!  The giraffe's were out and just throwing the long necks at each other, not fighting but I guess playing as giraffes do.  They went on the big slide that you ride down on a towel with, they loved it, we had a picnic there, Max got a Turkey leg and ate it, it was really good.  Then back to camper, had sandwiches for dinner, so so tired, Jared and Jenn picked up the girls, and to bed early for us, during the night I could barley move, I have done something to my shoulder, to even turn over was a chore.  Steve said do you think we over did it???? I said, you think!  We did the whole Zoo! Woke up like I had a bad hang over, head throbbing, nauseated and had not even had a drink, went to IHOP but left them all there and came back to camper and went to bed for two hours, woke up without the headache or upset tummy....all the children came over for a picnic, all the cousin's played, it was so much fun having them all here, we ordered Pizza and they part!  Then I had ordered girl scout cookies and my cousin Connie brought them to us, so we were set!  One blessing I have not said, is Sean and Sarah did not get divorced, they are working their marriage out!! We were so excited for them to come, they rented a cabin too and spent the night!  The Judge would not sign off on their divorce with out talking to Sarah, so thankful God answered that prayer, they have forgiven each other and working it out.  Everyone went home or to their cabins and off to sleep for Steve and I, we got up this am, I walked down and got the kids, feed them breakfast, let them swing, then off to Journey Church. Had lunch with Journey family, then came back and laid on quilt and made things out of the clouds with Blake, Olivia, Jack, Dually dog came and laid down and my Cali was a fun time! Very relaxing, except for the hard ground and being 58 years old.  Hannah got a nap and then they were going back to Van Buren, Mark went back with them but will come back tomorrow to be in class here all week. Mrs. Hardy had already planned to visit them for a week, so it worked out for her., although Hannah is not one to be with out Mark for very long, reminds me of me:)  The camper is quiet, I miss everyone, but really tired and ready for bed, would not trade anything for these past few days for anything, I think camping makes you have more family one on one time with your children:) 
Mother has had a great week, I have been gone more this week, I  miss her when I am not home, its so weird, I need a break but after one night I miss her,   but been there daily checking on her, she is feeling good and doing good! Now this week I have loads of work, have two offers to work out and close a loan on Wednesday and Friday!  The Lord is blessing our Real Estate!  I miss mother tonight, ready to be home and even missing sleep:) After learning to sleep in this camper it may be easier  sleeping with mother:)   Love the camping time and glad we did not sell the camper, although I would for the right price:) love it for short periods of time, but would not want to live in it! I will not miss the tiny black sugar ants!!!!
Hugs to all and hope I can get pics in! I got some of them, Gave Luke a bath in the shower in the camper, he loved it!  I lined the girls up Thursday night showered them, in which they thought was fun!   I about got as wet as them:)  Need to get my windows live writer back on my PC:) Ready to get to bed!! Say a prayer for Steve he feels a little sick:( hope he is just tired!

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