Monday, March 12, 2012

a full fun week


Well not sure where to began because I am not sure where I left off!  I blogged Sunday morning then deleted it all by accident…..grrrrrrrr!  Jill and Sydney are doing great,sydney1 We took mother t the hospital last week to see her, she loved holding herDSCN9226DSCN9229Sydney is such a good baby, she sleeps good, is nursing like a pro.  Amelia loves, loves, loves her!  Saturday night we had our Awards of Excellence Banquet, this is where realtors get rewards for their production, we have a pre party for our agents, I am the one who does that party so Saturday we hit it early and was ready to entertain by 4:00pm., we do have a bar and I did have Bar tenders who let me know they had a previous commitment when they told me they could do it, normally we use Hannah and Mark or Sean but they could not do it either, so tada!! Steve and I were the bar tender, and for those who know me, should know I am not the one for that job, when I got up Sunday I had a headache and felt awful, I told Steve all  I had was water and tea to drink but I am feeling so hung over…….go figure!  DSCN9230 The suite where our party wasDSCN9233DSCN9235DSCN9237DSCN9251 Steve and I got the adjoining room to the suite and spent the night, Sunday was raining and cold, we just stayed in the room, Steve slept till almost 10ish, then we ate,came home and I took a two hour nap!  We went to Alex and Jill’s Sunday night to help them, that was fun, got a cute video but too big to uploadSad smile Then tonight in my own bed, April is here as a caregiver so she will care for mother, speaking of mother she is better, seems like the med change keeps her to drowsy for me, but I am doing it because it does help her sit down and be more relaxed, she is sleeping better too and I  have to tell my self she needs the rest, its much better for her to be restful then hyper.  She had totally wore her self out last Wednesday and Thursday, so she is catching up on her rest, she finished the antibiotic for the UTI so maybe tomorrow she will be more her selfSmile Tomorrow is potluck at our work, I stressed fro agents to cook, I am too tired to cook so it may be Popeye’s Chicken. Hannah and her family will come this next Wed evening, we will take the camper to the KOA camp ground her, it is real nice, play ground, work out room, store, and they have the neatest cabins you can rent, so they will get a cabin and we will be in camper, gonna be some fun family time, she is real home sick so I am looking forward to it, I have really been missing them too, I was going this weekend but since they are coming her I will wait……all is good but real busy in my home!! Keep Colin and Kay in your prayers, I am not sure what is wrong with Colin yet but know he is real sick and in a lot of painSad smile

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