Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday and lovin it

Steve and I came to the condo last night, we ate at Janzen's, I  had crab legs:)  They were soo soooooo good!  I was just hungry for them, closed two loans this week so I splurged!  Got a great nights sleep, Thursday night mother slept so good, but I could not go to sleep until about 3:30 then had to be up at 6, so I was really tired!  Friday we went to a Alzheimer's Seminar, it was so educational, gave me so many ideals and ways to help mother.  They actually have a vaccine that is out that stops the plaque Amyloid, and they are working on meds for the Tau Protein!  So that is some great news!  Its too late for mother but it is great news! NOW the vaccine is a cancer drip but they have found it to help with the protein build up in mice, so it will not be long till it is for Alzheimer's!  I took so many notes and just try to digest it all, will do a blog on it so it can help other's once I can. 

This morning I went to the Sweet Shop here in FFB, it is a neat shop, I got so many new spring clothes! I got FOUR pair of shoes, I so needed some, my feet needed them too:) six tops, one pants, one purse and two necklaces and one earrings! I was so excited to find some things, I needed spring clothes so bad!
Today as soon as we got here, I got a call to show property, so my sweet hubby went back and showed today for me, I am here ALONE and loving it, have not had alone time in a long time, seems like I am always with Steve or people, in which I love but also just needed time by my self:)
Steve should be back about 4ish and we will go eat at Stingbeenz, it is so good, all home made veggies!
I am very thankful they found out what was wrong with Colin, he does have Arthritis, a rare kind that is very painful but he has started meds, it is good to know he has something treatable, just pray the pain will become bearable for him. 
Mother is doing well, her gait is still shuffled, in which they covered in yesterday's seminar. I may take her to see Connie and Mama April 4th for three days, I would like to go before she does not feel like going, she enjoys going still as of today.  One thing I learned that each day will be different, it will never be the same, also that she does not know she is confused until we tell her:) I learned that mother is my teacher on what to say and do, no one else. take no out of your vocabulary, and just enjoy her! I cannot wait to share it all, once I get it down!  Speaking of that best go and read, I hope I fall asleep while reading!! hugs

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