Tuesday, September 20, 2011

At the hospital and loving it:)

Never thought I would like spending the night in a hospital, but tonight I have a special room matecalloway and luke 008 he is feeling much better tonight, we hope to go home tomorrow.  This is Luke, he is my youngest grandbaby, he will be five months old.  I came tonight and could not wait to get here and hold and play with himcalloway and luke 012calloway and luke 015calloway and luke 019 I have held him most of the afternoon, he felt lousy when I first got here, cried when you moved him, the nurse tonight gave him some Tylenol and I can tell it helpedSmile Tomorrow the Dr. will be in and we will know the MRI results, they suspect he my have hydrocephalus, which is fluid on the  brain, which will require surgery, so we are praying for a miracleSmile  As you know in my last post, I was not able to just come immediately, I guess I should say, had Hannah not been able to handle it, we would of come, but God was really faithful to her, and she had His peaceSmile SO I finished out my work commitments and came this afternoon, they have gone home.Hannah and Mark have not had  probably  more then two hours straight sleep since last Friday. She was exhausted and ready for some help, she would not leave the hospital, so I am glad she left with Mark and went home.  As far as work, I have two new listings I got todaySmile I am working on a big apt. deal that would be my list and sell, Pray with me on that one, I need it to happenSmile  I am still planning on moving mother to my home in October, I have peace about it, as I said before it will be a major change for us all, but I know I need to do what is best for mother, and I think will be best for meSmile  I guess I use a lot of emotions when blogging.  Steve had Blake and Olivia at the house, they came Sunday, and went to Mother’s Day out today and will for the week, then if all goes well, Hannah and Mark will be home and they will go back home the end of the week.  So thankful we can help, I am so blessed to have a job I love and flexible hours, I can actually work from anywhere, matter of fact the nurse gave me her name and number to help her find a home here in FT. Smith, which I will refer her to a Realtor here, but be there to help her if she has any questions.  Keep baby Luke in your prayers, praying for a normal MRISmile hugs and nightcalloway and luke 004

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