Saturday, September 17, 2011

Heavy Heart

It has been a hard day for me, I really miss Mama/ Roy and Connie.  I worked Friday then came to Fairfield Bay hoping for a little down time, but being here has been busy, had open house on our condo and a condo I have listed here.  Need them both sold:) My sister's son Clay and his wife Mary Lee had someone break in their home and rob them, which is such a feeling of vulnerability, and makes me mad that someone would do that.

Then Hannah called and Baby Luke is sick,baby luk iv he was admitted to hospital in Ft. Smith, they think he may have viral meningitis, and checking him for other things, so that worries me, he has a large head, labor day coleso they are checking to make sure all is ok with that. Most our babies have big heads:)     Than  a little girl I have been praying for is near death at Children's Hospital, her name is Maddie, she has cancer:( with all that, I have just cried and prayed......I know God has all this, but it is real hard not to be with Hannah and her family and stay here and work:(  April was going there today to babysit so Hannah and Mark could go to the Hogs game,go hogs go so God had already made provisions for her some help, Hannah is calm and doing good, probably better then me:) but I have resolved that my place is here for now.  I am coming home in the am and going to church, April is bringing Blake and Olivia home, so we will have them till Thursday, Hannah was to come Thursday to bring Luke for Dr. visit and Mark has Dr. visit, so hope they will all come then. I am checking to see if they can go to Mother’s Day out, they love itSmile  Max had met a friend and he will spend the night with him tomorrow night and go to school, Hannah has meet the parents and they live close to them:)  That will help since Luke will be in hospital a few days. I have appointments on Monday, but can go there if need to after that:)  Just needing some prayer time to refocus:) God is faithful to take care of us all:) hold handhugs and night

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