Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I am not getting any better at blogging, seems worseSmile Maybe things will slow down so I can take the time I like to, blogSmile  Work has been busy, matter of fact if you are wondering where to invest your money it is in Real Estate, you will get far more for your dollar! Especially in rentals, then put it with our Rental company and let them do all the work for youSmile  For real this is where I see many investor's taking advantage of this market.

Now back to my other life, Mama/Roy and Connie are here, I have spent as much time as I can with them, love them so much, Connie is hanging in there with the death of her husband, God has so taken care of Mama with Roy and Roy with MamaSmile  Mama meet Roy at a Drs. office waiting roomSmile He should have been a Simmons cause he just fits right in, they will be married four years this Thursday!  Connie had a frozen shoulder form having a rotator cuff tear, now she can move her arm, she went to a guy here that knows how to fix it with one visit of therapy, he is a Mst. Massage Therapist and sports related injury, he is amazingconnie 017connie 018 Connie could not even lift the right arm above her chest, and look at her now!  Mama and mother, mother loves having them here, mother is much worse with her Alzheimer's, I do plan on moving her in with Steve and I, it is just time to do that, not sure what all that entails for Steve and I but we know God will give us the grace we need, the hardest part is seeing your mother not be able to know what she wants to say, or not know where to go, in her own home to the bath room, or not even know she is in her own home, maybe being here will make it a little easier, it is hard keeping up with her household and ours. I have not worked it all out in my mind yet, may be like I tell my agents, this is something you have to do to learn how to do it and what to do, each day is differentSmile   The kids have come by to visit and mother has enjoyed seeing them all, we went to church Sunday, Alex of course impressed the familySmile he is a good speaker/preacher and his msg. was on the homeSmile April surprised us with her selfSmile then we all went to Red Lobster for lunch.  Tonight Alex and Jill and Miss Amelia are coming for dinner then tomorrow Connie goes back for one more session with therapist and we go out to eat with Jimmy and Erma, maybe to a movie so see The Help. Have a lot on my plate right now, work is busy in which I like, and going have to rearrange my home, having a huge sale in OctoberSmile  I have open house this Sunday in Fairfield Bay condo 157so will go there condo 172Friday after work, have Saturday to look at camp sites all around so I will know what I like in case I go campingSmile I do think I will like it. Then work, work, work!  Speaking of work and company I best go and get ready to do just that……hugs, I hope you have a blessed day!

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