Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas, hope your Christmas is a day with your trouble miles away!

Life????? All of us have sad days, troubled days, great days, good days, ok days, wonderful days, GREAT days, fun days, family days, God days, pain days, sick days, well days, life changing days, which is what I want to blog about:)

Life Changing days!  There are days that will change your life forever, mine are when I married Steve, had my babies, ask Jesus in my heart, lost my first grand son, William Wyatt, was told Jared had cancer, was told my mother had Alzheimer's, when Walt past away unexpectedly, when I became POA of mother, when mother moved into my home, when mother past away, these are all life changing, when life deals you some blows it teaches us what is important in your life.  You realize how fragile life is, there are  many more times in my life that changed me but these are mile markers that I know changed my life.  Some say Holidays are a sad hard time and it is so hard on them and lonely, in which I wish it wasn't, I for sure know it is a  time to reflect on your life and the life of those you love, one way I cope with the loss in my life, I have looked back over so many memories, good and bad, when I think of the hard memories I STOP, and replace it with a funny one a good one and I CHOOSE to let go of the hard one, I CHOOSE to ask the Lord to tell my family who is in Heaven how much I love and miss them, and I leave it there knowing God has done this, I wrap my self up in my  mind, like in a snugly blanket in good funny memories:) So I pray this year when you have the hard lonely days and times of the life changing events in your life you can make it a positive, its for sure ok to cry, BUT you can not stay there, life moves forward and you have to do that too, I do not know how anyone can do this with out the Lord's help, grief is to strong to bear alone so is the feeling of bareness or being lonely. IF you are alone this year get out and give to  other's, go to a church Christmas service, that is another way I cope with loss is in giving to other's then you see so many people moving forward with a load a lot more then your load, speaking of loads, take time to be alone with the Lord and exchange your load to his big broad shoulders where it is  suppose to be:)) DO not look to other's to help you, meet your needs in this, you will be let down, ONLY GOD can meet his need and bring healing, others can help but they can not heal:) I am for sure not understanding why this blog, but I felt in my heart to write it today and now, so if this touches your life I am grateful!!  Let God be God in your life today, let Him help you understand this is the time for reflecting and understanding what Jesus has done for you, just you! I PRAY HE turns your mourning into dancing, HE can, but you have to be a apart of that choice, NO MATTER what the problems are, so I pray this Christmas your troubles will be miles away from your mind and your thoughts will be in helping others, giving, and the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord and who can get you through anything you are facing and will keep ordering your steps and keep helping you walk in them::)))))

Love the song, Mary did you know??? Listen to it:)  Image that for your life and be thankful for where you are right now in this life!! Let Jesus be Jesus in you no matter what:) I believe when we kiss our babies we kiss the face of God, when we kiss our family, friends, we kiss the face of God for He is in each one of them, maybe why some greet each with a Holy kiss:) nerver thought of that before today, but I love hugs and kisses and usually give them to others on the cheek or forehead, now it has a whole new meaning for me, so this is a kiss from me to you!  SMOOOCH !!  I can be so tired and melancholy and just holding, kissing my grands or my children will bring fresh rays of sunshine to me, maybe it is SONSHINE to me:) I am for sure a family person and I am beginning to understand why this morning,  so maybe this blog is just for me:) guess I will still share it with you:)
 Thanksgiving 2013
Christmas 2013
My heart is so full this year, THANK YOU LORD is all I can say!

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