Saturday, December 21, 2013


I have been busy this week, got two loans closed and wrote a offer:) Danielle Ray signing papers:)
The market has been slow, the weather does not help and the time of the year,  its been a week where I actually took naps some:)) On Thursday night I met with my Parkview High School girl friends for dinner:)
 I have so loved reuniting with them, that is one thing Face Book has done for me:) I love it!  Then Friday night the Averitt girls, Mika, Laila, Peyton, Anna and one Averiit Boy Cole came and spent the night, they were are so perfect, Steve and I so enjoyed them all here, we had a pizza picnic for dinner
 then Steve fixed his famous daddygrand breakfast!
 Yes, we used the Christmas china:) Pretended we were at the White House Breakfast and used our best manors:)  Jared and Jen came and we had the best visit, it is nice to slow down long enough to enjoy your neighbors:)))  They are all at Jack's Basket Ball game now and I have the house quiet and clean with Christmas music playing, the last two days I have been lonely for mother, had so many sweet memories of her, her last Christmas she knew what it was 2011, this is mother and Santa:)))
I think I have missed her more this year then last year, I open the China Cabinet 
 and smell it, it smells like her home still:)  My heart is heavy in the fact I am not  involved with my sister or her family, makes me sad, one thing I am looking forward to about Heaven,  everything will be resolved.  It may not happen on this earth but there will be peace in this family again in Heaven:) I miss all of them and mother. I have never said anything due to I do not want to ever shed the wrong  light on anything about my family. I love them dearly, my  brother and his wife will be gone to Colorado to see his step brother, I miss them too:(( Guess its just a missing family kinda of day:) I am going to try to see them before they leave and give them some Christmas goodies to take on their trip.
Today Anna and I went to a Habitat for Humanity house that my friend got,
it is such a blessing to see how people build and come together to help someone so deserving!! Then we went to the mall, yes the mall in the rain! Then to Kroger's, but I loved loved loved my private time with her, she is so grown up! She can sing like a angel, her voice is beautiful!  The McGill's come tonight and I am so excited or Averitt Christmas is tomorrow after church, I am ready:) I have loved my Christmas time, we have had several people in our home this year, its been fun and I have enjoyed decorating:)
Sean and Sarah just came in and ask why I am home alone, I sad sit down a minute and you will understand:)) Jared and Steve and the kids just got home from the game so its time to visit:))) Jack's cheer leaders today for his game:)
 Love to all and to all a goodnight!


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