Tuesday, December 17, 2013


This week started with ASU meeting on the state Capitol Steps for a ASU Red Wolfs Rally, the only college in Arkansas going to a Bowl game!! Whhoooooo!

 Alexandria holding the sign:)

Alexandria cheered her heart out!  It was really exciting to be there, I am very proud of ASU Jonesboro!    We do plan to go with the Haley's, will be a full few days!  Then we went to Anna's Basketball game at Abundant Life School, she is getting so tall I love it, she is beautiful!
 Anna in Red shorts:)
  Then went a LG, that is a group of ladies that Alicia started meeting with and doing bible studies a few years ago,, its such a wonderful group of young women/mother's/wives! 
  I got all my Christmas cards out today and presents wrapped!! Then tonight went to Indian Hills elementary to see Peyton and Laila in their Christmas Program:)  
So far its been a full week of enjoying the Grands!!

People ask me all the time how we have time to do it all, and I really do not know, I was really tired today, worked all morning and afternoon, but at the same time wanted to see them sing, it was really refreshing to Steve and I, our Grands bring life to us and we absolutely love being with them and our children.  It is a blessing that we realize comes form the Lord.  I love that I can say no, I can not be there and my children totally understand, I think because they know if any way possible we will try to be there:)  But some times we can not be everywhere:(   I am ready to start making some goodies for Christmas gifts and deliver them:)  
 I love this time of year, which I know you know that about me:)  Work is slow right now, which I wish it was busy, but this has given me time to be home and with family too:)  I did close one today and will close another tomorrow or Thursday. I am trying to get things closed for my production this year, I want to make the Diamond Level again:)   I think I will :)   I told Steve I am not sure I can get all the way to Mobil for the GoDaddy Bowl and not go to PCB Florida!!!    

Getting everything for our Averitt family Christmas this Sunday:)  All the children and Grand's will be here for a fun family filled day!!  I am hoping we can do a new family picture!! Love and hugs to all!







Guess we will just have to wait and see what happens!!

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