Tuesday, December 10, 2013


While I was iced in, I had some talks with some friends who had needs for money,  as I prayed for them, I knew the need was real and they were hard working people, I wished I could help everyone but there is a limit to what I can do, in praying I thought I will tell the need on facebook, I was amazed at how people gave, we helped the two families:)) I got a msg tonight about a single mother with five year old twins that need help, at the end of the blog I will post where you can donate for that need, no amount is too small:) The one family needed medications and food, they are elderly and she was real sick with Bronchitis, then the other family had got on their own home this year and had no Christmas decor, everything was donated to her, nice things! Plus 300 dollars for gifts, she is raising her two yr old grand son, has a special need daughter and another son at home, it was such a blessing to be a part of seeing these families have their needs met, I do believe we are the arms and feet of the Lord, if we say we will pray then be ready to put your prayers into action:)) here is donation site:)


If you can help this other family, I and they thank you so much!!

Today we had the McKimmey Office party, I can not say enough how much I love the people I work with, I even sleep with one of them:))))  We have JM Crites that is our Santa and Misty who is Mrs. Claus.  They are so much fun!!

Our company is a very loving and giving company, we help those in need and take to heart in helping people buy and sell homes, this giving spirit comes down form the top, which is Byron and Marilyn McKimmey, I have never known anyone to help people like they do, I am so honored to be their friend and work with them.  They set a high standard to follow:)
We have one more party to attend this week, and I have three deals to get closed this week, working a booger of a short sell closing, that has brought a few non Jesus words out of my mouth:(( bout blew a gasket today, but won the battle to post pone the foreclosure on the seller for today, now to get it closed!  Every time I involved my self in a short sell, I say I will NEVER do it again, it is not worth the stress, headaches, having people upset with you, then I meet someone in need, who needs help.....but I am really going to try to steer clear of them if I can and if not God will give me the grace and help me pull it together one more time for all involved:))  After a long day we ate at Red Lobster, it was sooooo good!! I plan on doing some baking this week, making goodies trays for Christmas:)  Oh YES, Almost forgot, ASU is going to the Go Daddy Bowl!  So we will pack up with the Haley's and go to Biloxi!! Jan. 3rd.......we will stay in the IP Casino, so its massage time for me:) it is a really nice resort! Alexandria will get to spend the night with us one night:) we may just have to listen to the music and dance, dance, dance, I love to dance and Victoria and Alexandria and Jack are dancing mugs!!!  Then I am gearing up for the Feb. market, it is always busy! From now to end of Jan. is slow, people involved in Christmas and New Years, the weather for sure affects it, so taking advantage of slower days, working any lead I get and gearing up for 2014! Already working on my goals:) I did ok this year on my goals, I am not sure I will make Diamond in my production but I made more money, go figure that one:) I guess I had rather have the cash then the glory!!!  Have not gave it up yet, still working hard to sell a few more homes this month!! So pray for me to do that:)  Hugs and love to all!

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