Friday, December 6, 2013

Baby its cold outside!

On our way home from Baton Rouge, it was warm there and so cold here, we just stopped and ate at JJ's Café in McGee, it was some good home cooking:)  We had made plans to go to Baton Rouge a while back, in the mean time one of my mother's life long friends husband past away, Gene Beasley, he and Luella were married for 70 years, Karen Beasley was my best friend growing up, Annette Beasley was my sister's best friend, so many good memories!  I was torn as to should I go to Baton Rouge or not, but decided to go ahead with our plans.  We went to visit Luella the night before we left, was a nice visit, I do feel sorry for her, what a lost feeling after being married 70 years.
 Roy my Mawma's husband had been in the hospital in Baton Rouge, he had lost a lot of blood, in which they gave him blood and got some fluid off him, he and Mawma  were there to greet us!  Mawma baked her famous chocolate cake with real fudge icing!  Connie made my favorite shrimp and sausage gumbo! We ate and sat around and talked some, Tiffany got confused on the time and missed dinner:( but I saw her the next day:)  I had started losing my voice and having a cough and congestion on our way down,  which turned into a cold I guess, they all had just had the crud before I got there, I worried cause I did not want to make any of them sick.  Mawma looks so good!  She is healthy and that is a blessing, Roy is doing well but having a problem with Chronic Heart Failure, in which he is back in the hospital today to get some fluid off him, so keep him in your prayers. everyone there had lost weight and looked great,  it was warm there, Mawma and Connie and I went to look at some condos and to lunch, we did manage to browse through a few shops!  I love my time with them, I talked to Mawma on some family history and realized I had some things all wrong, about my mother meeting my daddy they actually dated when daddy was working on the mountain. Then mother ended up marring him:) He was twenty years older then mother. Mother was 39 when daddy past away.  Its wonderful to have a grandmother whose mind is so sharp and her memory is good, she is only a few years older then mother was when Papa married her, she was a God send in mother's life! Without Mawma in her life I would not even be here today!
It is winter weather when we get home, dreading hitting the storm as we drive, we are in light rain now and 35 degrees, getting colder as we keep driving:(  Guess we are going to be snowed, iced or what ever in for a few days, I probably need it to get well:) 
Before mother past away I depended on Connie so much for comfort, advice, directions, she has been a angel to me, since mother has past away I have grown closer, I am so thankful for her love and friend ship and wisdom in my life, I need her and know she is always there for me, no matter what, she is like a sister to me.  I did not realize that she and mother looked so much a like till I was there this time and Connie made some of the same faces mother did:)  I love being able to share mother memories and talk about her with them, it keeps her alive in me:)
Now back to home and back to work, really I never took off work, I handled my Real Estate while gone, had Cliff show homes for me, it is slower right now, I would like it to pick up some, I like busy! 
I had Amber come and clean while I was gone so should go home to a clean house:) April said to me on the phone, maybe I should of gone to the store??? Now she is iced/snowed in, we will stop in Pine Bluff I guess so we will have milk, I always have food, more then we could eat, but she wants the junk food:)) Jennifer and Jared ask us to come for dinner, she is making some yummy potato soup. So guess I will figure it out if I need anything else, we have never been to where we could not get to the store, actually we could even walk it needed:)  Its been a long time since we have had this kind of weather this early in the winter:) Looking forward to being home and snuggled in, so I can get well:) Hope everyone has a great day where ever you are!!

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