Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 2013

Life has been busy, I have thought of blogging but did not do it, its been so long not sure I can even catch up, so I will start from here:)  This month has been full of graduations, Alexandria is going to ASU Jonesboro, she has a very busy summer with her cheer coach work and will leave for school in August.  Olivia, Peyton, Max and Jack all moved into their next level of grades, we enjoyed seeing all the accomplishments they all had, I have some smart grand babies:)

This month I have been able to help Jill out with her girls,grandbabies and I have enjoyed them:)

she is back on the mend now, I will miss that time with them, but thankful her surgery went well.  Like I told them I may come spend the night some:)  I have had a full month of family time with all my babies and grand babies:)

Work has been busy, at the same time the pace has slowed down this past two weeks, need it to pick back up, we were able to do some things to the condo to spruce it up a little and have a few nights to spend there,

 summer is always fun at the lake and we love the pool!  I have a busy day Monday and Tuesday, and full end of the week with real estate. 

We went to Hannah's Thursday for Max's graduation and her house is looking so good, they are coming along with the building of the shop/garage that is HUGE!!

They have some hogs :((( and their goats are doing well, they have three dogs,  some pretty chickens that follow you and walk all over the yard:)  They eat the eggs daily, and plan to kill the hogs to eat.....not sure I can do that:(  Mark said its the hogs and deer that will feed them this year. I like to visit the country but not sure I am a country girl:)

Memorial we went to the condo, McGills and Averitt ( Sean and Sarah ) camped out, we had a great time on the lake with the kids and cooking out:) Lovie loved it:)

I have been giving a lot of thought into the next five years, I will be sixty this year and Steve Sixty three, in five years I will be ready to go at a slower pace, I think:) and working my plan to be able to retire if that is what we choose to do.  I am not sure if I will ever not be involved in real estate because it is so in me, we will just have to figure that out as we go:)  So wierd to think on getting older:)

Last night I met with a group of my high school friends, we had a get together at Cajun's, it was fun seeing them, we has bad rains so it was a small group, but a lively group:) I left about eight and they said what???? I said my bed time is nine:)  I have a wonderful group of us that have stayed in touch with each other.
Class of 1971 Parkview Patriots
All in all it has been a very busy May, a very productive May and looking forward to Summer!

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