Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Content? or UN Content, my new word for discontent

This is a word I have thought of a lot lately, and on Sunday Pastor Jerry preached on it, I had just talked to Steve and Sherry Maxwell about not feeling content, and why?  I wondered am I depressed or is this just all there is to my life?  Now I know some of you are saying, WHAT????? she has a different life every day, but even in that its routine:) I could not really describe my feelings and felt guilty for having them because I do have a much better life then some. 

I have realized that we all have to become un content for changes to happen in our life, if not we would never change a thing.  I have become un content in my life, I did go get a physical to make sure I was ok physically and did get me some Prozac, I do think there is depression involved, that my serotonin's have depleted some from all the stress this past year has brought.  BUT I know me and my body, with my work in the Mental Health field I recognize my signs of depression, such as having to always push my self, not having the energy I need, but always thinking, ok if I get thought this then I can slow down, or having migraines, being edgy, short fused, so I do think the Prozac will help replenish my brain with what it needs:) YES, I think I am a Dr.:)

In my un contentment I can reach out to other things to see if that works to make me content or I can be still and let God show me the direction He is going in my life and why I am un content:)  I first chose to try to figure it all out, for one there are several issues with in my children that have me on my knees praying, nothing I can do about it other then pray and trust God to be faithful to them in their lives. Then decided to rearrange my living room, which I did and I liked the change, which give me insight into me:)  God will bring un contentment into our life's so that we can see we need change, once we find the changes HE is making in us then we find contentment again, of course this is till he brings un contentment again to get us from one place to the other:)  Reminds me of the book, Who moved my cheese?  Its about two mice, one was afraid to go out and look for food and the other after almost starving decided to venture out, of course he had a maze to go through but found a much better life and more cheese to eat, so the moral of this blog, is you can not stay in the same place, being un content is a good thing, it makes us move out of our normal routine and face some fears in life, move forward to new areas of our life!  I hope it your in the same place you will look to the Lord for your answers, speaking from doing it, there is nothing else that can give true peace or contentment then Him, the other things may endure for the night but the un contentment is right back in the morning,  seek the Lord ask what is going on with you, He states, if you lack wisdom ask and He will tell you, make the changes HE shows you, not what you show your self:) and TRUST Him with the out come of your life.....yes, our daily life can be routine, its called life, we can not find contentment in things or people, but in Him to find real contentment, then when we are un content He leads us back to what is the purpose of this life and what purpose you have to play in it, till He comes for us:)

So, I am thankful I was so un content so I could be moved into a place of contentment for a season:) hugs have a great day! Now to take my own advice:)))

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