Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back in the groove

Well I think I may be getting back in the groove of Blogging again:) Thursday we went to JP's service, it was so sweet, Chris had ask me to share, so I did, JP was remembered and honored, he would of loved the attention:)  One thing God put on my heart was that He is a father to the fatherless, when mother past away I had a lost feeling, it is a strange feeling to realize you have no earthly parents, no one to run things past for their ideals or thoughts. BUT as the Lord filled that area of my life, in showing me He is my father and he cares for the orphans:) So with that said it helped me:) and I hope will help Chris:)  Steve did the graveside at Beebe and their Pastor at Fellowship Bible did the service at the church.  We did a lunch for the family, it went perfect, the church is a mega church and had everything/every room anyone could have wanted!
 Aunt Verda Mae and Uncle LD
Uncle LD is the last living sibling of the Rogers Siblings.  He was the baby:)
I have enjoyed my Lovie Luv so much, even though at times she drives me crazy, she is into everything, she can jump in our bed now, so yes, she sleeps with us, she is puppy pad trained and doing very good at it:)  I tried to make a collage but did not do too good:) She is 3pds and 1 ounce, she acts like she is so big! 
we had Alexandria's last dance recital of her life, as far as a dancer:)
  Alexandria did a solo dance to I can only Image, she did this when she was little for us all the time, she would make it up:) She is so poised and talented!  Then there is Jack Harvey Haley!  He is a total showmen!  He must get that from his Grand Father Harvey, he is a natural on stage and yes he knew all the girls were there for him:))
I about sat all I could this weekend, made the ole back act up, then today at Journey Kids with lifting the babies it had all it could take, came home ate some Tuna and went to bed, slept three hours, did some back exercises to help.  Feels better now.  Just not up to par today:(((
This week should not be so crazy, no early appointments in the am and I have not booked my self coming and going on Monday, so maybe I can get caught up, have buyers for us to show property on Tuesday and the rest of week, Have a Brunch On Thursday for Sorrie Magazine:) Looking forward to that:)  Well best find me something to eat for dinner, I am hungry:0  Hugs and nite

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