Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Life today:)

Well its been a few days and I am blogging again:)) Yea I am getting a little time to share.  Not sure what all to share so we will see where this blog takes me.

In my last blog, I was trying to understand being content and un content:) well I have pulled out of being un content with my life as of now, feel more contented in what is going on in my life.  I did go to Dr. all is great with me and I am healthy so is Steve, we go like to old people and get our physical the same time:) Of course Steve has to totally undress and get in a gown and I tell Bruce no way, he can do it with my clothes on:) He said that is what old ladies do and he has learned to do a physical around the clothing:0 as he rolls his eyes, if you know Dr. Sanderson you know his eye rolls too:)  So how did I get content?  I prayed and ask the Lord to show me why I am un content, that simple.  Then ask him to show me what I need to be doing.  There was not a major change in anything, just a new perspective for me to view  my life in, in His perspective:)  I saw some areas I need to change in my and made the choice to change them, life is a choice, each day we have the freedom to choose to be happy or a grump, we can choose to take the high road when things go wrong or the low road, we can choose to turn the other cheek or fight back, we are fortunate to be able to choose daily in our life what we will do each day, have the freedom to pray or even write a blog about choosing and God.  I choose to be happy and take the high road:)

This week has been very busy at work, Steve and I did have some time to spend with friends this week end, Steve played golf with his friend Ray Richey on Sunday and  Pam and I got a chance to catch up on our lives.  Enjoyed our time.  Then back at it at work, I am thankful we both love what we do because we do it a lot:)) The market is busy and we just run to keep up with it.  I was honored with being voted the Best of the Best again this year and will have a brunch to go to next Thursday:)
That was a surprise this year:))
Looking forward to the Brunch and the magazine will have my pic in it and the award:) Helps with publicity in this business.
This past Tuesday my cousin John Owens who we called JP past away, he was not sick like passing away but had health issues, so it was unexpected, his wife Pat had past a few years back and he missed her so much, he spent his 44th wedding anniversary with her in Heaven:) His service is Thursday.  Life is so fragile we really do not know what tomorrow holds, he was getting his hair cut Tuesday and past Tuesday night. Thankful we will see him again:)
Steve just left to show property and I have a For Sale By Owner class I will teach at ten am today, it is on how to list FSBO, listing are the life blood to stay in the Real Estate Business, they say Realtor's never retire they just become listless:)
I hope your having a good week and choose to be happy today, no matter what happens, you and I have a choice to make:) hugs

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