Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You never know how fast you can run, till you RUN!!


I watched the movie Secretariat tonight with mother, I love that movie! It is such a motivational movie. I am doctoring a cold..ugh! Hoping mother or my friend Sherry does not get it. Steve and I went to Sherry's Saturday night and Sunday so I could get some sleep, in which I did:0  Mother is much better, back to her normal routine and sweet self. I am so glad, last week was really a trying time, work so busy and mother not feeling well really put me on overload. The week has started a busy one, I am trying to get loans closed, broker agents on their loans and real estate, show property and list property! Steve and I have worked, worked, worked! But it will all pay off in time.

I am the type person who runs in high gear, I am always pushing my self, I do not know any other way, but when I take down time I rest and relax, I try to keep it balanced and healthy. I learned when I work in psych for Dr. Stephens if you think you have to be sick for down time or a day off, then you need to see what is going on in you, it is healthy to take me time. I do that for me, so I can run the race when I have to run and give it all I got, some times when I do not think I can keep going I get my second wind, then sometimes I have to take a rest. When I work I give it all I got, when I play I give it all I got, when I rest, I give it all I got!

We had birthday weekend this last weekend, mother got all ready for it ,DSCN9155DSCN9156 then we went to Jenn and Jared's for Mika and Cole's birthday party. DSCN9164DSCN9169DSCN9173DSCN9189Then April stayed with mother and Steve and I went to my friend Sherry's, her home is like my home, it is a haven to me, we got some much needed rest:) Then Monday had a snow day which made our office the perfect place to be to get work done, it was quiet and empty. Today we had sales meeting and property tour, busy day, now home ready for bed. I have class at ten in the am and showing some commercial property, hoping my eyes quit running and my nose clears u and my sinus unstop!!  Keep Jill and Sydney in your prayers, we need her to not be born for w few more weeks, Jill is on bed rest.  Also Gavin has surgery this Friday on his eye, we need a miracle, pray my cold away and mother or no one else gets itSmile hugs nite

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