Saturday, February 25, 2012

Good week!

Thinking through the week, went to church last Sunday, I had Children’s Church, which is always a blessing, I love to worship with the kids and do stories!  Then to Moe’s to eat, with the family, some of themSmile  Had Sunday night at home with out mother, got some things of hers unpacked and cleaned, cleaned the carpets in family room and her room and my room.  Got the house spotlessSmile It is easier for me to do that with her gone.  I was thinking the other day, Steve and I will be married forty years this year and we have only lived by our self's for one year out of that forty….I guess that is why it is so easy for us to adapt, when we married, Bill Brown lived with us, then I came home and when Steve got home form overseas we had Alicia, then you know the rest of the storySmile  We do have a condo that we hide away at for our alone time and down time, I have it for sale, but if it does not sale that is fine too, I have not sold the camper yetSmile  But never fear, Steve has it parked in our FRONT yard, so I put a for sale sign on it!  Not to sure on all the camping thing, but the kids love it. 

Tuesday was a busy day as usual, and we started our step study so we leave at 8:30 and get home at 8:30 ish so makes for a long long day.  Mother is doing better sleeping, I took her off some of the meds she was on, it was making her crazy at night, she would talk most of night and just fidget most of night her restless legs were awful!  Thankful it is better!  

Has been great weather and she has gotten out some, got her hair done on Thursday, the day was just a beautiful day to be out. 

We had the Little Rock awards ceremony Thursday at 4:30, so I went to that then got a msg. that Jill was admitted back in hospital for pre eclampisa, her bp was 161/101, which is stroke level not good for her being PG, so I went and got Amelia and went to their home and spent the night, Amelia is just such a sweet little girl, she is so easy to keep, she keeps me  laughing all the time, she is so smart. Jill got to come home on Friday to bed rest, we go tomorrow to help Alex set up nursery…..funSmile  Its been a great week, hope your week has been good too!!!!  Oh yes, I forgot to tell you my friend won $100,000.00 on a scratch off  ticket, now I have told her she buys to many and needs to come to my group, so she said she did not need group and would not buy as many, when ever they are not winning cards, she enters them into a second chance drawing, she will get them out of trash cans, if anyone buys them and their not winning one,s she gets themSmile They called  her on Thursday and said she won in the second chance drawing!!!!  Guess I was wrong, she got her money Friday!  Excited for herSmile hugs

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